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Did you know Dayton has its very own beef jerky store? Meet the ‘No Name Cowboy’

Published: Friday, March 02, 2018 @ 6:00 AM
By: Amelia Robinson

No, Dave “No Name Cowboy” Buehrle cannot dance. Nope, no way. 

What the Clint Eastwood-loving, proud member of Single Action Shooting Society can do is make beef jerky.
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With the encouragement of his late wife Mary, Buehrle opened No Name Cowboy Artisan Beef Jerky in October 2010. 

“She loved me, she loved the jerky,” Buehrle, who is also known as “Jerky Dave,” said of his beloved. 

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A print taken from a painting of the couple in western garb hangs in the small shop, which is decorated with posters of cowboy movies, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment. 

Buehrle points out that he liked Eastwood a lot more before  the actor divorced his wife.

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With a sign out front that reads “Beef Jerky,” the store at 549 Miamisburg-Centerville Road in Washington Township’s Normandy Square Shopping Center is hard to miss. 

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Buehrle said it has been his refuge since his wife died in June 2013. 

“(Her death) took the wind out of my sails,” he said. 

The couple had been together since 2006, but were married just six months when Mary died following a fight with lung cancer. 

An University of Dayton graduate and state licensed electrician for more than 40 years, Buehrle’s arsenal of beef jerky includes 15 flavors.

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They are all his own recipe and range from the mildly-flavored original to the Ghost of Boot Hill, a ghost and habanero pepper jerky that earned six bullets on Buehrle’s heat scale. 

“I can send fire out of your eyeballs,” the Dayton native, now a Clearcreek Twp. resident, said. “I’ve got a great company. I am proud of it.”

Dill pickle and teriyaki are also popular flavors sold in the shop. 

Buehrle cuts choice top round beef using 8-inch butcher knives. The meat is marinated and dried.  

“I am knife-cutting fool,” said Buehrle, who started making his own jerky in 1989 or 1990. 

His jerky contains no chemicals or preservatives. Cured with sugars and salts, it can last up to a year. 

Dog treats are also available. 

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Christmas and Valentine’s Day are Buehrle’s busiest times of year. 

“(For Valentine’s Day), there is a parade of pretty women coming in trying to curry favor with their husbands and boyfriends and partners,” he said. 

Vegetarians are probably the only kind of customers Buehrle says he doesn’t get in the shop. 

“I get doctors. I get construction workers,” the former rock musician said. “It’s a neat place to work. You’ll be surprise how many people love jerky.”

Want to try it?

WHAT: No Name Cowboy Artisan Beef Jerky

WHERE: 549 Miamisburg-Centerville Road, Washington Twp., Montgomery County

HOURS: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday 

INFO: 937-478-5032 | Website | Facebook

PRICING: A pound of beef jerky is $43. Two ounces sell for $7.50. Prices are subject to change.