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4 breathtaking waterfalls near Dayton you must visit

Published: Thursday, July 13, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Clifton Gorge has one of the must-visit waterfalls in the Dayton-area.

Everyone knows TLC’s famous words of advice, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls.” But we think it’s in your best interest to do exactly the opposite. 

Fall is the perfect time to do a little waterfall adventuring to cool off and unwind. 

Perhaps surprising to many people even from the Dayton-area, there are actually quite a few prime waterfall spots nearby. 

Here are a handful of waterfall destinations we suggest you “chase” down:

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Location: 110 Covington Ave., Ludlow Falls

The next time a heavy rain hits, make plans to find Ludlow Falls, located under the Route 48 bridge that runs over Ludlow Creek. 

When the flow of the creek is higher, the wide waterfall is quite impressive in size. An old stairway leads to a breathtaking view from below, or, walk along the edge and see the spectacle from above.

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Location: 2535 Ross Road, Tipp City

Arguably the most popular waterfall in the Dayton-area, this is one stop you should be sure to visit on your adventure. 

A part of the 216-acre nature preserve, Charleston Falls is hidden among nearly 4 miles of hiking trails. The stunning cascade pours over a jagged drop off into a calm pool, just a few feet away from the boardwalk trail. 

This waterfall is surely a nature photographer’s dream come true. 

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Location: 2381 Ohio 343, Yellow Springs

This preserve near John Bryan State Park has two trails that travel the rim of a 40-foot deep limestone gorge that holds a portion of the Great Miami River. 

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Along the gorge trails, steep, sudden drops in the stream reveal a few small waterfalls that are modest but rewarding to stumble upon.

Just east of the preserve, is the historic Clifton Mill. Although it’s man-made, the mill is home to a picturesque 20-foot waterfall that will remind you why you love the Dayton-area so dearly.

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Location: 204 N. Miami St., West Milton

If you’re short on time but still need a mother-nature pick-me-up, this waterfall can be your quick-fix. 

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Located in the village of West Milton, the multi-tiered fall is easy to access, with almost no hiking required. A stairway leads right up to the base where the water flows gradually from smaller and smaller cascades. 

This beloved, small-town wonder is straight out of your favorite fairy tale story. 

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The ultimate guide to the best burgers in Dayton

Published: Monday, December 01, 2014 @ 9:18 AM
Updated: Monday, May 21, 2018 @ 6:38 PM

Think if you've had one burger you've had them all? Take a look at at these and up your burger eating game. (Video by Tabatha Wharton)

Sure, you can fire up your grill this Memorial Day weekend. But before you do, let some of Dayton’s finest burgers inspire you.

The Gem City is home to some incredible burgers, each as distinct as the place that crafts it.

>> Best of Dayton 2017 Winners: Food & Dining

Below are just a few of our favorite Dayton burgers. Yours not on the list? Tell us all about it at

Tank’s Bar & Grill, 2033 Wayne Ave., Dayton, 937-252-2249

A cheeseburger and hand cut fries at Tank's. Photo: Tank's Facebook page.(HANDOUT)

Why? Juicy, thick and grilled just right, Tank’s burgers can be served topped with nothing or a laundry list of items at no additional cost. Banana peppers and horseradish, anyone?
Menu includes: Cheeseburger, $6.99; Hamburger, $6.79; Tankburger (half-pounder), $7.99 (double the patty for $5)

>> What to know about Wahlburgers chain that just opened in Cincinnati

Voltzy’s Rootbeer Stand, 4668 Springboro Pike, Moraine, 937-299-1440

The Yuna Lee burger, Fried Mac & Cheese and Orange Creme Float at Voltzy’s Root Beer Stand in Moraine.

Why? What Voltzy’s lacks in grandeur it makes up in great-tasting sliders and character – plenty of it. Burgers are made to order.
Menu includes: About a dozen ways to order a burger, starting with a basic $1.30 hamburger and $1.40 cheeseburger. Double patty both of those for $2.25 and $2.45.

>> Voltzy’s has a ‘Trump Burger,’ and here’s what’s on it

The Oakwood Club, 2414 Far Hills Ave., Oakwood (937)-293-6973

The Oakwood Club won the “Best Fine Dining” category for Best of Dayton 2012. CHRIS STEWART / STAFF

Why? Oakwood Club steaks are an area favorite, but some of the tastiest beef is used to make the burgers.
Menu includes: Oakwood Club Steak Burger, $8.95; Oakwood Club Roquefort Steak Burger, $9.50 (cheese is 25 cents more).

>> Guess where Robert Redford and Tom Waits ate while filming in Dayton?

>> 5 things you must try at the Oakwood Club

EO Burgers, 4482 Glengarry Drive, The Greene, Beavercreek, 937-431-1242

Lisa Powell/EO Burgers has opened at The Greene in Beavercreek. Pictured is the EO classic cheeseburger with parmesan fries.(Lisa Powell)

Why? The people love EO. The EO stands for EXTRAORDINARY. This fast-casual restaurant offers traditional burgers and a series of premium burgers and sliders.
Menu includes: EO Classic Burger, $6.99; EO Classic Cheeseburger and Bourbon Street Burger, $7.99 each; Kobe Burger, $11.99 and the Santa Barbara (guacamole, jalapeno, Monterey Jack cheese with a special sauce), $9.99.

>> Four great burgers worth the drive

Coco’s Bistro, 250 Warren St., Dayton, 937-228-2626

Bacon, sweet caramelized onions and Boursin cheese help set the Bistro Burger apart. (Staff photo by Amelia Robinson)(Amelia Robinson)

Why? Start with the creamy Boursin cheese, thick Applewood smoked bacon and sweet caramelized onions and go from there. The Bistro Burger is always on the lunch menu, but not available for dinner.
Menu includes: Bistro Burger with side, $16.


Pine Club, 1926 Brown St., Dayton, 937-228-5371

Pine Club owner David Hulme says business has flourished during the second half of 2015, thanks at least in part to The Food Network declaring the Dayton restaurant one of the "Top 5 Steakhouses" in the country in July. TY GREENLEES/STAFF(Ty Greenlees)

Why? The Pine Club may be famous for its steak. But its burger is also pretty legit. Beef and lamb are ground in-house before being cooked to perfection.
Menu includes: Pine Club Hamburger Platter with onion rings or fries, $12.75; Pine Club Cheeseburger Platter with onion rings or fries, $12.95.

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K’s Hamburger Shop, 117 E. Main St., Troy, 937-339-3902

Marcia Ryan, owner of K's hamburger shop in Troy, discusses an order with Bob Skoog during the 70th anniversary celebration of the downtown eatery. PHOTO BY JAN UNDERWOOD(JAN UNDERWOOD)

Why? Low frill, all-American burger in a retro burger shop, with beef ground in-house. What more do you need? Well, besides a delicious milkshake ...
Menu includes: Cheeseburger, $2.90; Hamburger, $2.70.

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Slyder’s Tavern, 836 Watervliet Ave., Dayton, 937-258-1222

Slyder's Swiss bacon cheeseburger with fries. (Photo by Amelia Robinson)(Amelia Robinson)

Why: Winner of our 2017 Best of Dayton poll, the juicy meat is packed with flavor. This restaurant in Dayton’s Belmont neighborhood consistently appears on — often topping — local best burgers list.

Menu includes: Hamburger with chips, $6.05 (7 oz.) and $6.75 (10 oz.); Cheeseburger with chips, $6.45 (7 oz.) and $7.15 (10 oz.).

>> The secret behind Slyder’s sinfully juicy burgers

>> Can you eat your way through Dayton’s burger Bermuda Triangle?

Watermark, 20 S. 1st St., Miamisburg, 937-802-0891

(Watermark Restaurant Facebook)

Why: Another top choice on our 2017 reader’s choice poll, Watermark’s signature Weare-Burger is an all-prime grilled burger, topped with house-made bacon jam, dill pickles, pickled red onion, choice of blue cheese or Swiss, on a brioche bun. The burger may be ordered “pink” or “not pink.”

Menu includes: The Weare-Burger served with dressed greens or fries, $14.95

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Nick’s Restaurant, 1443 N. Detroit St., Xenia, 937-372-3202

The Big Nick burger is a half pound of juicy Angus beef.(Jim Ingram)

Why: The bar and eatery has been a staple of its community since it opened in 1949 under then owner and namesake Nick Malavazos, and reopened in 2009. The signature burger, the Big Nick, is king of them all. It’s a half pound of juicy Angus beef with your choice of trimmings and the restaurant’s special sauce. It’s a mountain of meat, so come starving or come with friends to help you finish it.

Menu includes: Big Nick with choice of: lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, Nick’s special sauce & add 50¢ for cheese and $1 for bacon. $8.99

>> Why people are flocking to this local joint ...

Gameday Grille and Patio, 7576 State Route 48, Waynesville, 937-886-3572

The Urban Meyer Burger served at Gameday Grille and Patio in Waynesville is patterned after the personality of the Ohio State coach himself.(Jim Ingram)

Why: The OSU-graduate owners present their tribute to the school’s superstar football coach with the Urban Meyer Burger.  It’s a fresh half-pound Angus patty topped with a butterflied quarter-pound Angus beef hot dog, with a sweet and tangy wing sauce while pepper jack cheese tried to hold it all together.

Menu includes: Urban Meyer Burger (half-pound patty topped with a grilled all-beef Hot Dog, Pepper jack Cheese and signature Sweet Heat Sauce) for $12.25 and the Who Dey Burger (a half-pound burger topped with an Onion Rings, Sautéed Mushroom and Jalapeno, Chili, Bacon, Swiss and American cheeses and signature BBQ Sauce) for $12.25

>> Why you’ll want to finish this burger, but shouldn’t

Benjamin’s The Burger Master100 N. Main St., Dayton, 937-223-8702

Burger with a side of orka at Benjamin’s The Burger Master. (Staff photo by Amelia Robinson)

Why: Slider-style burgers with names like Poor Richard’s Burger and the Big Ben to pay homage to the restaurant’s namesake, Benjamin Franklin.

Menu includes: full-size, made-to-order burgers range from the $2.79 hamburger ($3.79 double) to the $3.79 bacon cheddar burger to the $3.79 mushroom swiss burger.  

>> 12 Dayton burgers that give you the biggest bang for your buck

>> Restaurant ‘masters’ burgers for (now) 35 years

Blind Bob's, 430 E. Fifth St., Dayton, 937-938-6405

The Island Delight burger from Blind Bob’s is a half-pound patty, stuffed with sweet pineapple and zippy pepper-jack cheese, with a teriyaki glaze, more cheese and served with a tangy wasabi-mayonnaise. (Contributed photo by Alexis Larsen)

Why: You will find robust stuffed burgers, including the Island Delight burger ($10) — a half-pound patty, stuffed with sweet pineapple and zippy pepper-jack cheese, covered in a teriyaki glaze with a tangy wasabi-mayonnaise — and the Italian Burger ($10) — a half-pound patty, stuffed with provolone cheese and cooked basil and green peppers, topped with marinara and a mound of caramelized onions. 

Menu includes: a vegetarian friendly Garden Burger ($8), a quarter pound “Little Lisa’s Burger” ($8) for those looking for something a little more petite. Add cheese, veggies, bacon, seasonings and extra goodies for 50 cents to $2. Don’t forget the sauce for an extra 50 cents.

>> Daytonian of the Week: 'Blind' Bob Mendenhall

Smokin’ BBQ, 200 E. Fifth St., Dayton, 937-586-9790

Smokin BBQ pulled pork bacon cheeseburger via Facebook

Why: This place is known for its barbecue, but one of the best things on the menu is the burger. This burger will literally melt in your mouth. No chewing required.

Menu includes: a full half-pound patty that’s been smoked for more than 2 hours in beef broth for $5. You can add cheese or a tomato for 50 cents each or bacon for $1.50.

>> Give these 6 Dayton hot dogs a try

Sam and Ethel’s, 120 E. Main St., Tipp City, 937-667-0113

Derek Long serves up meals at Sam & Ethel’s In Tipp City, while his wife, Heather (background), works the grill. Contributed photo by Mickey Zezzo

Why: Think homemade. The “S&E Burger” includes two quarter-pound patties, a “special S&E sauce,” onion straws and the fixings on a grilled double-decker bun. 

Menu includes: The burger is $8.49. You can add cheese for 50 cents or bacon for 99 cents.

>> What you need to know about DOT’S Market

>> Restaurant dazzles with donut, bacon burger

The Hamburger Wagon, 12 E. Central Ave., Miamisburg, 937-847-2442

Miamisburg's Hamburger Wagon is a perennial favorite -- and despite the name, this wagon stays put so you always know where to find it.(Lauren Rinehart for

Why: The Hamburger Wagon has served the Dayton area for 100 years and has been ranked as one of the top 150 Hamburger Joints in the U.S. by “Hamburger America”. These burgers are simple, crispy and delicious. No cheese on these burgers. Just pickle, onion, salt and pepper.

Menu includes: Get a single for $1.25 or a double for $2.50. You might also spot the mobile wagon at festivals and fairs this summer.

>> 9 must-visit places in Miamisburg

White Lotus327 E. Third St., Dayton; (937) 222-7030.

White Lotus ( 327 E. 3rd St., downtown Dayton) The Yummy Burger: To start, White Lotus is an incredible spot. While I don’t know the specific history of this awesome food shack, you just have to walk in the front door to know that it’s storied. Behind a food counter out of the '70s and a row of bar stools stands a lovely yet intense proprietor. I have never seen her not wearing her signature large sunglasses inside while she cooks each dish to order. Hosting a menu that is a mix of Thai and American cuisine, I rarely get beyond the Yummy Burger, which used to be the name of the restaurant. This burger is a pretty standard preparation, sesame seed bun, half-pound ground beef patty, lettuce, tomato, mayo and American cheese. I’ll even note that I once asked to get my burger mid rare, but when I asked the lady, she was very stern and unwavering in her response: “no.” So, I had it her way and honestly I cannot tell you what she did to make this “The Burger.” I think she may slow cook it in melted butter. I have trained as a professional burgernaught, tasting many a cheeseburger and somehow this one has stuck with me. Trust the lady, she knows what she’s doing. Also, their Thai food ain’t bad either.(Contributed by Brian Johnson, marketing consultant and co-owner of Bad Dog Nice Taco)

Why: The White Lotus has an eclectic menu that includes Thai cuisine and yummy burgers. We recommend the Yummy Burger, hand-crafted with care just like mom used to make you at home. A half-pound hand-formed patty cooked to perfection.

Menu includes: The Yummy Burger is $4.95 and add cheese for 25 cents. You can also opt for the Yummy Bacon Burger ($8.20) or the Yummy Extreme Double Burger ($9.20).

>> Magic restaurant is definitely “Yummy”

Note: prices are subject to change.

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5 Dayton noodle dishes you simply must try

Published: Monday, March 23, 2015 @ 1:50 PM
Updated: Monday, May 21, 2018 @ 2:35 PM

Singapore Noodles from Thai 9. (Contributed photo by Alexis Larsen)
Singapore Noodles from Thai 9. (Contributed photo by Alexis Larsen)

Sometimes you just get a craving for noodles. If that happens to you, here are 5 Dayton noodle dishes you simply must try.
>> Dayton’s 12 best restaurants 

Grilled Chicken linguini


Where: Town & Country Shopping Center, 424 E. Stroop Road, Dayton; 937-534-0494;

Description: Linguine served up in a lemon cream sauce with chicken, mushrooms and fresh spinach sautéed in garlic butter ($13.75).

Also worth trying: The Mussel and Shrimp “Cioppino” Pasta ($14.95) made with shrimp, scallops, P.E.I. mussels and a filet of salmon in a sauce made with garlic, celery, wine and tomatoes over a nest of angel hair pasta ($14.95).

>> Classic Dayton restaurants you have to try (and will love)

Franco’s “World Famous” Spaghetti from Franco’s Ristorante Italiano in Dayton’s Historic Oregon District. The classic Dayton dish was created by restaurant owner Franco Germano. (Staff photo by Amelia Robinson)


Where: 824 E. Fifth St., Dayton; 937-222-0204;

Description: Garlic, Romano cheese and egg with a good quality olive oil over a bowl of pasta with the option of adding mushrooms or spicy sausage or both ($11.95 for plain, $14.95 for sausage or mushroom or $16.95 for both sausage and mushroom).

>> 4 killer Dayton meatballs you HAVE to try

The sliced chicken pho (left) and Sate Shrimp and Pork Pho from Linh's Bistro. Photo source: Vivienne Machi / Staff(HANDOUT)


Where: 5532 Airway Road, Dayton; 937-252-1857;

Description: These meal-sized Vietnamese noodle soups — Pho, Mi, Hu Tieu — rely on piping hot broth, the noodles, herbs and meat. They come with a pile of jalapeños, cilantro and bean sprouts to dress it up. The Pho Bo Tai made with thinly sliced beef and rice noodles or Pho Ga made with chicken are both the place to start if you haven’t had them yet. Heat it up with the spicier Sate options. There are also soups made with egg noodles and wonderful Vermicelli salads as well as stir-fried noodle dishes. The soups range in price from $7.95-8.95 for dinner and are a dollar less if you order lunch before 4 p.m.

Looking for something similar? Little Saigon (1718 Woodman Drive, Kettering) offers similar menu items.

>> Where to get the best Chinese food in Dayton

Curried Singapore Noodles With Stir-Fried Veggies. MUST CREDIT: Photo by Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post.(Deb Lindsey/For The Washington Post)


Where: 5531 Far Hills Ave., Dayton; 937-434-4750;

Description: “Chilled rice noodles, a goodly portion of crunchy, thinly-sliced vegetables, hot grilled chicken, steak or tofu and a showering of mint, basil, cilantro and peanuts. Served with the chile/lime juice/fish sauce condiment called nuoc cham. Ask for vegetarian nuoc cham or even non-spicy nuoc cham if that suits you better,” as described perfectly on the menu. Tofu ($11.95) grilled chicken ($11.95) or steak ($13.95).

>> Some of Dayton’s best under the radar Mexican eateries 

Singapore Noodles from Thai 9. (Contributed photo by Alexis Larsen)


Where: 11 Brown St., Dayton; 937-222-3227;

Description: A plate of thin rice noodles comes doused with a generous amount of yellow curry powder, making the dish bright yellow (beware of stains). The noodles are stir-fried with egg and veggies including baby corn, carrots, celery, onion and green onion. Choose a protein or two to add to the mix — Chicken, Pork Tofu ($11.95), beef or shrimp ($12.95) or seafood ($16.95).

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7 bar and gaming arcades to visit in Dayton

Published: Saturday, June 03, 2017 @ 6:00 AM
Updated: Monday, May 21, 2018 @ 2:03 PM

Drinking tasty beverages while enjoying video and board games is no longer relegated to your dining room or your mom's basement. Dayton's fully on the arcade bar scene, and we've got where you need to go. (Video by Tabatha Wharton)

While by now you’ve surely made the trip out to Scene 75 and had a mega(bit) of great time, maybe you’re looking for a more intimate gaming experience for your next outing.

>> The oldest bars in downtown Dayton

Have no fear, our socially competitive friends, as we have a round up of the Dayton area’s gaming bars and arcades ready for you.

1.) D20: A Bar with Characters

The gamers’ paradise bar called “D20: A Bar with Characters” at 2144 E. Whipp Road in the Oak Creek Plaza will host a euchre tournament and beer event at 7 p.m. next Monday, Feb. 20. SUBMITTED(Staff Writer)

2144 E. Whipp Road, DaytonFacebook

If you’re looking for a distraction-free zone to get your hard core board gaming on, then you need to head over to Kettering. D20 is a bar that offers an extensive beer selection and over 300 board games that prides itself on not having a single television in the entire place. The bar is even family-friendly during the daytime hours, serving coffee and tea and “mocktails” for kids. Popular titles include Twilight Imperium, Pandemic, Joking Hazard, Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, League of Legends, Settlers of Catan, Fluxx, and the more throwback favorites such as Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders and CandyLand.

>> Kettering bar has 300 board games, craft beers and no TVs

2.) Bar 145/Reset

Bar 145/Reset Bar is poised to open fully to the public on Tuesday, Nov. 22 in the Austin Landing development on Ohio 741 in Miami Twp. Its hours will be 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily. The bar will feature live music as well as vintage arcade games and electronic board games. Photos by MARK FISHER/STAFF

10259 Penny Lane, Miamisburg | Website

 At the tail end of last year, Bar 145 opened at Austin Landing offering a nice-sized menu. The restaurant is attached to Reset — a bar within a bar boasting a full slate of vintage arcade games including The Simpsons, Street Fighter, Frogger and Off Road and many others. It bills itself as gastropub specializing in “Burgers, Bands, and Bourbon.” For the most part, the food is just OK, but the sides are a lot of fun if you head there for happy hour and some gaming with friends. Fried cheese curds ($7.99), tempura green beans ($6.99), buffalo chicken dip ($8.99), white truffle french fries ($6.99) and bar nachos ($6.99, with shredded pork, spicy chicken or beef added for $3 more) are good options to split and share. For families, Bar 145 has some nice built-in entertainment options for restless kids who will enjoy the novelty of these old-school hits.

>>  Your guide to the best pizza restaurants in and around Dayton

3.) Hole In The Wall

423 E. Fifth St, Dayton Facebook

This Oregon District bar bills itself as Dayton’s “first barcade.”  

Hole in the Wall is the kind of dive bar where adults can go to find their inner child and a stiff drink that’s priced right. 

Fans of the Mario Brothers game will love the bar and the lighting. It’s a fun stop before or after dinner in the district if you are looking for something that’s colorful and different. If it’s packed with people (and you’re a little claustrophobic), steer clear. But if it’s early and it’s open, it’s a fun spot to schedule a stop.

>> RELATED: What to know about Downtown’s best bars

4.) Canal Street Arcade and Deli

Rob Strong stands in the former Canal Street Tavern space in November 2016.Strong will open Canal Street Arcade & Deli in the space in early 2017. MARK FISHER/STAFF(Staff Writer)

308 E. First St, DaytonWebsite  

The building that formerly housed Canal Street Tavern found new life over the summer when Canal Street Arcade and Deli opened.  

When owner Rob Strong closed his Fifth Street Wine and Deli early this year, I was sad to see his deli sandwiches go, but with the opening of Canal Street Arcade and Deli they are back and better than ever.  

Deli sandwiches served up hot come in three sizes — a small half-sandwich ($6.25), a medium full-sized sandwich ($8.25) and a large sandwich ($9.25). Wraps, subs, salads and pizzas, as well as build-your-own breakfast or grilled cheese sandwiches, are also available. This spot has quickly turned into a favorite destination to pick up a sandwich and hang-out on unprogrammed weekends. In addition to the games, this has one of the best jukeboxes in town.

>> 5 amazing sandwiches at Canal Street Arcade and Deli

5.) DK Effect

We take a look at some of the video games to be featured in DK Effect in Dayton's Huffman neighborhood.(Photo by Amelia Robinson)

1600 E. Third St, DaytonFacebook

This Huffman Historic District hot spot that opened over the summer features 40 beers on tap, a full bar and a slew of classic arcade hits. 

Sit at the bar and play or grab a drink and make your way to the vintage gaming titles around the room.  

This venue does not have a kitchen, but pizza delivers there and it’s right across the street from the inexpensive and very tasty Taqueria Mixteca (1609 E. Third St., Dayton). 

>> Have you been to the ‘Best Dive Bar’ in Dayton yet?

A margarita and tacos from Taqueria Mixteca on a recent visit to DK effect in Huffman Historic District. Contributed photo by Alexis Larsen

Grab a large burrito for $6.49 and some of the best guacamole in town ($2.99) and head across the street for your margarita and some gaming. DK Effect has been doing some Tacos and Tequila events where you can purchase Taqueria tacos there and order one of seven specialty margaritas.  

Owner Tony Clark has plans to open a spot next door that will serve food, but with that happening some time away, some Taqueria Mixteca will hit the spot for now.

>> PHOTOS: See the stunning transformation of DK Effect

6.) Proto BuildBar

This LED blinking heart is a project you can easily make on a first date at Proto Build Bar in Dayton. (TABATHA WHARTON/STAFF)

While not your typical arcade, Proto is the world’s first BuildBar, a creative experience center featuring hands-on technology experimentation with 3D printing, electronics kits, and micro-computing in a full service café environment. With a stocked bar for when you need something a little stronger than coffee, Proto houses the World’s Largest Claw game and their homemade Edison vs Tesla arcade-style game with a shocking twist. If you’re looking for a more laid-back vibe, Proto is definitely your place.

>> Best of Dayton 2017 winners: Bars & Nightlife

7.) Cardboard Crowns

Dayton board game cafe Cardboard Crowns, wants to be the go-to spot for family and friends to gather around the table for some holiday gaming. Contributed photo

147 N. Springboro Pike, Dayton Facebook 

The café’s concept is part of a national and local trend to combine gaming and drinks. 

The café will offer eight craft beers on tap and a selection of 30 to 40 bottled or canned craft beers, along with wines and a limited cocktail list, Adams has said. The food menu features sandwiches, snacks and lighter fare.

The board games list is extensive. The selections ranges from lighter games to more involved, strategic games.

>> According to Thrillist, this is the best friend chicken -- and you can try it right here in Dayton

Know of a spot we missed? Send us a note at

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4 places to go swimming in the Dayton area you might have forgotten about

Published: Monday, May 21, 2018 @ 6:00 AM

Water Safety Tip

Things are warming up, which means it’s time to look for fun places to cool off and take a dip this summer.

>> Waterpark adventures close to home

>> 3 of the best fishing spots in Dayton

Here are 4 great places to go swimming in and near Dayton that you should totally consider the next time you need a day by the water. We’ll be updating this list throughout the summer, so keep checking back for more pool ideas. 

>> 4 breathtaking waterfalls near Dayton you must visit

Did we miss your favorite summer swimming spot? Please let us know and we’ll add it to the list!

🌞Kroger Aquatic Center At The Heights

8625 Brandt Pike, Huber Heights

Swimmers at the Kroger Aquatics Center at The Heights float around the Lazy River on a warm Tuesday afternoon. The parking lot of the water park was almost full by noon.(Ty Greenlees)

This water park in Huber Heights has it all. The family can enjoy the sun with water slides, a leisure pool, a “spray-ground,” and a lazy river.

Hours and info:

>> Kettering business asked to leave shopping center after 25 years 

🌞Adventure Reef Water Park

2900 Glengarry Drive, Kettering

Adventure Reef Water Park has the biggest waterslide in Montgomery County.(Dayton Daily News)

The 3-acre outdoor water facility has some of the highest and fastest slides in Montgomery County, according to its website. With deck seating, a large water playground and a splash pad, this could be your summer destination.

Hours and info:

>>The same local BBQ rub declared worst, best in America

🌞Gardner Memorial Swimming Pool

105 Patterson Rd., Oakwood

Gardner Memorial Swimming Pool was a gift to the residents of Oakwood.(Gardner Memorial Swimming Pool)

The Gardner Memorial Swimming Pool was gifted to the residents of Oakwood to “provide relaxation from Memorial Day to Labor Day.” Although it is a smaller community pool, Gardner still sells lunch and drinks— perfect for a couple of hours poolside to help break up your day. You do, however, need to be an Oakwood resident and purchase a pool membership to go. 

Hours and info: Facebook

>> Dayton-area splashpads and sprayparks

🌞Black Oak Swim Club

1570 Ambridge Rd., Centerville

Black Oak Swim Club in Centerville.(Swim at Black Oak)

There are year-round activities at this member-owned pool facility in Centerville. But in the summertime, it’s all about splashing and sliding into the pool. 

Hours and info:

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