Woman threatens to ‘blow off’ head of Dayton postal worker

Woman threatens Dayton postal worker

DAYTON — Federal postal workers in Dayton were threatened by a woman whose mail they will no longer deliver.

Dayton police are investigating an aggravated menacing complaint from 1:45 p.m. Friday at the U.S. Postal Service office in the 4300 block of West Third Street.

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The female suspect is accused of spitting at the postal office supervisor and being belligerent.

“(The worker) advised (the woman’s) mail was no longer being delivered to her home address due to threats made to the mail carrier,” the police report reads.

The woman is required to pick up her mail at the office and show her photo identification each time.

On Friday, the woman reportedly “lost it” upon getting her mail, and threatened to “blow off the worker’s head,” according to the police report.

“(She) then used her index finger and thumb to make the shape of a gun and then pulled her hand back, making the motion of a gun being fired,” the report reads. “(The woman) then spit at (the worker) ... the saliva landed on the left sleeve of his shirt.”

While the woman was in the parking lot, she reportedly continued to scream racial slurs at the worker.

Dayton police are continuing to investigate.