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Vigil held on 10-year mark of double homicide

Published: Tuesday, January 05, 2016 @ 2:26 PM
Updated: Tuesday, January 05, 2016 @ 2:26 PM
By: Breaking News Staff

A vigil was held Tuesday afternoon on the 10-year anniversary of the deaths of Elizabeth Davis, 49, and her partner, Felicia Kirksey Goodson Battle, 44, at their home on Vernon Drive.

The vigil was held in front of the lot where the house formerly stood in the Dayton View neighborhood at Vernon Drive and Grand Avenue.

Elizabeth’s daughter Andrea Davis said she is promoting a “see something, say something” campaign to help end the violence.

Police previously arrested a suspect in the double homicide, Velis Nelson of Dayton, but a Montgomery County grand jury declined to indict him in 2015.

The criminal investigation remains open, according to the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office.