VIDEOS show gunshots, crowd taking cover from Oregon District shooting

VIDEO: Man records gunshots, crowd running from Ned Pepper's

Dayton, Ohio — This new organization has obtained several videos that convey the events that took place during a shooting in the Oregon District.

Above, video from a Facebook user shows the moments a shooter fired several shots on Fifth Street near Ned Pepper’s bar, killing nine and injuring 29 others.

>> LATEST UPDATES: Suspect and 9 dead, 27 injured in Oregon District shooting

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Dozens of gunshots can be heard, then a small group can be seen running from the bar. The video has been edited to exclude inappropriate content.

Surveillance video from a difference area shows a crowd take cover during these gunshots. Many individuals run from the scene, while others get on the ground.

Surveillance video shows a crowd run after hearing gunshots during the shooting in the Oregon District.

A third video shows the police scanner traffic from the incident.

Audio from Dayton police scanners during the Oregon District shooting.