Wrong turn leads Amazon driver to drowning dog

Amazon driver saves drowning dog thanks to wrong turn

WOBURN, Mass. — An Amazon driver is being called a hero after he sprang into action when he heard the cries of a dog who was drowning in a backyard pool.

John Cassabria was driving his Amazon delivery van in August when he took a wrong turn in Woburn, Massachusetts. Realizing he had turned incorrectly, he backed up his vehicle and heard a sound over the familiar beeping of the reversing alarm on his truck.

In the distance Cassabria told CNN he heard an “eerie noise” coming from a nearby yard.

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“I’ve never heard anything like that in my life. I actually heard it over the reversing beep of my van,” Cassabria told CNN.

He decided to follow the noise and found a Husky struggling with its head barely above the water in a pool.

Cassabria didn’t hesitate to act.

“I dove into the pool with my shoes, wallet, car keys-- the whole nine. And I swam with him (Luka) in my arms the best I could hold him from the midway point of the pool to the shallow end and hoisted him and myself out of the pool,” Cassabria told CNN.

After pulling the 14-year-old Husky named Luka out of the pool, he called the police.

Cassabria stayed with Luka until animal control arrived. Luka’s owners were away from home but quickly received news of what happened.

“I dropped the phone. I just started crying and I dropped the phone,. I couldn’t even talk. We have a doggie door and he’s used that doggie door for 15 summers,” said Caldwell. “He goes outside, goes right to the bathroom, and normally goes back in and stays in the air conditioned house,” Luka’s owner Julie Caldwell told CNN.

Caldwell said she had arranged for a neighbor to check in on Luka and the dog jumped into the pool after they had left.

Luka’s owner was so grateful that she wrote an email to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos describing the heroic actions of Cassabria, according to CNN.

PETA also recognized Cassabria with the Compassionate Action Award in September for the rescue.

“When John Cassabria heard a dog crying for help, he didn’t hesitate before jumping into action to save a life. PETA hopes his kindness will inspire people everywhere to keep an eye—or an ear—out for animals in dangerous situations and do whatever it takes to get them to safety,” PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien said in a statement.

Cassabria will receive a framed certificate as well as a box of vegan cookies.

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