Teachers hold mock funeral to protest going back to school during coronavirus pandemic

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Teachers in Nashville put on a morbid display to get their message across that it is too early to go back to classrooms amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The teachers from across Tennessee gathered Monday at the Nashville Farmers’ Market for a mock funeral procession they called “Die In and Vigil,” WJHL reported.

Their destination was Gov. William Lee’s residence.

In addition to the display, the teachers were planning on chanting “Dead teachers can’t teach. Dead students can’t learn,” according to WTVF.

The event was organized by Metro Nashville Education Association.

“We are really concerned about many districts across the state that have very little protection in place for educators and students. I have talked to teachers who are updating their wills, Amanda Kail, president of the teacher’s union told WTVF.

She said that teachers would be ok going back to the classroom once there are 14 days without new COVID-19 cases. Until then they want to hold classes online.

A similar protest was held in Memphis, WHBQ reported. But the superintendent at Shelby County school district announced Monday that the year will be started virtually until further notice.