Lady A, band, sues Lady A singer over name use

Lady A the band sues Lady A the singer over name use

The band formerly known as Lady Antebellum is suing another singer who has used the same name it has now decided to use.

Lady A, the band, is suing Anita White, who has performed under the name Lady A for two decades after they said she “demanded a $10 million payment” to use the name, band members told the “Today” show.

The band claims it has had the name trademarked “for many years,” NBC News reported.

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The group is not asking for money, rather they’re asking the court they own the trademark, The New York Times reported.

The suit is not asking the blues singer to stop using the name.

The band said in the suit they trademarked the name Lady A in 2011 and had no opposition. They also said fans have called them that since 2006, while the musicians officially started using it in 2010, the Times reported.

The country group renamed itself, changing from Lady Antebellum to Lady A last month to drop antebellum because of its association with slavery, The Associated Press reported. The singer, Lady A was upset the band didn’t reach out to her before announcing its name change. While the two sides had negotiated over the use of Lady A, they did not reach an agreement, the AP reported.