Coronavirus: Texas woman beats COVID-19, gives birth to healthy triplets

Texas woman beats coronavirus, gives birth to healthy triplets

HOUSTON — The most terrifying month of Maggie Sillero’s life began with a precautionary COVID-19 screening yielding a positive result and ended with the birth of healthy triplets.

“They’re good fighters, and they’ve been doing really good – progressing very well,” Sillero told CNN.

The saga began in Sillero’s 28th week of pregnancy after she was admitted to The Woman’s Hospital of Texas in Houston on May 8 for observation during the final weeks of her high-risk pregnancy. She told the network she thought nothing of the precautionary COVID-19 test because she had no symptoms and had not left her home since March.

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And yet, both she and her asymptomatic husband tested positive for the virus, forcing the couple to remain apart for the remainder of her pregnancy. Fortunately, both the couple’s 5-year-old son, Alexander, and Sillero’s mother tested negative, even though the foursome had all been together.

“I already knew that my babies would arrive early, and with prematurity, there are complications,” Sillero told “Good Morning America.”

“With COVID, I was worried they would face even more challenges. I got tested 5 times for COVID in the month at the hospital, and my babies were monitored every day. Getting to see the triplets every day really reassured me and made me feel better. The doctors and nurses were so compassionate. They kept telling me it was going to be OK,” she added.

Sillero received her second negative result on June 4, indicating she was free of the virus, which turned out not to be a moment too soon, CNN reported.

According to the network, her ultrasound conducted that same morning showed that one of her babies had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, so an emergency Caesarean section was performed that afternoon, welcoming Isabella, Nathaniel and Adriel to the world.

Dr. Dolar S. Patolia, Sillero’s doctor, told “GMA” that balancing Sillero’s health along with the babies’ growth and well-being was tricky at times, but “Maggie is amazingly strong.”

“Luckily, everything came out good. The doctors were amazed at how well the babies were doing as soon as they were born,” Sillero told CNN.

“They are doing really good. They’re being healthy. They’re growing as expected. Of course, they are premature, so there’s going to be some delays in certain things, but I mean, they’ve been doing really good. That weight has been going up,” she added.

In fact, Isabella, who weighed only 3.11 pounds at birth, went home Monday, and her brothers won’t be far behind.