Coronavirus: Ohio man’s ‘lumber jacked gym’ is worth the weight

Coronavirus: Ohio man’s ‘lumber jacked gym’ is worth the weight
An Ohio man, kept away from his gym because of a stay at home order, created his own place to work out -- in his backyard. (Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images)

JACKSON COUNTY, Ohio — Working out at the gym has been impossible because of the coronavirus pandemic, but an Ohio man found a way to solve that weighty problem. He built a gym in his yard.

Zachary Skidmore, who lives east of Cincinnati, took matters into his own hands and built what he calls a “lumber jacked gym," WCMH reported.

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Skidmore posted a video to his Facebook page, showing off his homemade his gym -- complete with a treadmill, leg press, shoulder press and dumbbells, the television station reported. Skidmore created his gym out of wood.

“So my gym closed. So, I grabbed a chain saw and went to work,” Skidmore wrote on Facebook. “I managed to satisfy my hunger to work out.”

Skidmore said it took him 60 hours over a two-week period to build his makeshift gym.

It looks like he is going to keep in shape with no problem.