Amusement park owner falls 30 feet from roller coaster

KOCHVILLE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A Michigan amusement park owner fell 30 feet from a roller coaster he was working on Saturday.

Harold Shilling, 65, fell around 1 p.m. from The Serpent roller coaster at Kokomo’s Family Fun Center, MLive reported.

“He was servicing it, getting ready to open it. It was climbing and right when it got to

the top, it disengaged from its tracking,” Undersheriff Mike Gomez said. “He said he forgot to lock the front wheels on the cart that were on the track. That’s what caused it to leave the track and for him to fly out.”

Shilling suffered multiple compound fractures.

After being closed for months because of the coronavirus, the amusement park reopened June 8.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, which inspects amusement park rides, issued a "do not operate" notice for the ride.

“After any necessary repairs are completed, we will complete an inspection before the ride will be able to operate,” the agency said.