18-month-old is all smiles when he hears mom for first time

18-month-old is all smiles when he hears mom for first time
FILE PHOTO: A child has heard his mom's voice for the first time after he receives hearing aids. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

RICHMOND, Va. — Little kids usually light up when their moms talk to them, but for Maison McMilian, he’s grown up in a world of silence — until now.

Maison, who is 18 months old, has finally heard his mother’s voice for the first time.

Recently, he received hearing aids at VCU Children’s Hospital. The moment they switched the devices on and his mother, Lauryn Webb, said “Hi," Maison lit up smiling.

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Webb, of course, had an emotional reaction behind the camera.

“Bawling my eyes out ... the first time he heard me say his name and his face lit up like that, I almost couldn’t keep it together. I was definitely happier than he was,” Webb told CNN.

Maison was born four months premature after his parents were victims of a home invasion, when Webb was shot four times. Maison was born during an emergency delivery two days later, CNN reported.

He was only one pound when he was born. Doctors were not sure if he would live, and warned his parents that he could be blind and not walk.

Maison was in the neonatal intenisvie care unit for 158 days, ABC News reported.

Webb says now that Masion has his hearing aids, he can’t stop looking at whoever is talking, ABC News reported.