100 year-old WWII vet walks 100 miles for charity

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CLARKS GROVE, Minn — One-hundred-year-old Mickey Nelson was inspired to “one up” a British WWII veteran who raised money for charity in April.

Nelson learned about Tom Moore who raised more than $37.4 million for England’s health care system when he did 100 laps around his garden.

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“And dad said, ‘He’s using a walker, I’m pretty sure I can walk 100 miles without a walker,’” Mickey’s daughter, Michelle Kelm, told KARE.

Nelson set a goal in May to walk 100 miles and raise $5000 for The Salvation Army. Over the weekend, he walked his 100th mile and raised over $100,000 instead, according to KARE.

Prior to his last mile, Nelson was picked up in a WWII Army jeep which drove through Clarks Grove, Minnesota with WWII reenactors along the route.

When asked when the last time he had been in a military jeep was, he said, “Well, it would be ’43 I think,” Mickey told KARE.

To donate to Nelson’s fundraiser, click here.