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Superintendent gets glowing evaluation from Dayton school board

Published: Friday, October 27, 2017 @ 3:17 PM
By: Jeremy P. Kelley - Staff Writer

Dayton’s school board gave Superintendent Rhonda Corr a glowing performance review for her first year with the district, just two months after the teachers union issued a vote of no confidence in Corr and the school board.

The evaluation does not give Corr a grade or rating, but it “applauds,” “commends,” and otherwise praises her actions on academics, busing and personnel a dozen times. The closest thing to a criticism is a note “encouraging” her to improve strategic communications.

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School board member John McManus said he produced early drafts of Corr’s evaluation that were more balanced with constructive criticism, but the full school board changed those drafts. Board member Joe Lacey said Corr’s strong focus on academic improvement was a reason for the change to a more positive evaluation.

DPS won multimillion-dollar grants in 2015-16 while improving busing, textbooks and student technology. But the district also was placed on OHSAA probation, had a messy labor fight with teachers and ranked second-last in Ohio on state test scores.

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Corr said this week that change takes time, but she is confident she has the right team in place, and that the district will see “significant gains in many areas this year.”

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