Report Breaking News, Contact WHIO-TV

Report Breaking News, Contact WHIO-TV

To report a BREAKING NEWS STORY, call the NewsCenter 7 Breaking News Hotline at 1-937-259-2237.


1611 S. Main Street

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Dayton, Ohio 45409


Newsroom Fax: (937) 259-2005

Main Switchboard (M-F 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.): (937) 259-2237

BY E-MAIL: (Due to the volume we receive, personal replies will not always be possible.) Media Library: If you would like to request video that was shown on News Center 7, please contact them at 

WHIO-TV Managers:

Rob Rohr - Market Vice President/General Manager - Cox Media Group Ohio

Jana Collier - VP of Content - Cox Media Group Ohio

Caryn Golden - News Director WHIO TV

James Cosby - Vice President of Sales - Cox Media Group Ohio

Jim Bebbington – Editor - Dayton Daily News

Samantha Sommer – Director of Investigative Content - Dayton Daily News

Jennifer Bucheit - Creative Service Director

Fantine Kerckaert – Senior Director of Customer Insights

James Robinson – Senior Manager of Engineering

Tim Wolff – Director of Digital

If you have a press release that you would like WHIO-TV to have, please sent it here: