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Pregnant Woman Missing In Piqua

Published: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 @ 8:16 AM
Updated: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 @ 8:56 AM

Police in Piqua are looking for a missing woman.

Nikki Forrest, 20, was pregnant when she was last seen on Sept, 25 in Piqua.

Her godmother went to the Piqua Police Department Tuesday to ask for the public's help. All she wants for Christmas is to finally hear that her Goddaughter is safe.

"Things got off on a bad foot that night," said Bobbi Schlater.

It was the night that Schlater can't stop reliving, the night she last saw Nikki Forest.

"She had a set of rules to live by in my house," said Schlater. Bobbi and Nikki got into an argument over those rules and the next morning, Nikki was gone. That was September 25, and as the days passed without any word from Nikki, Bobbi's sense of dread grew.

Bobbi Schlater said, "Her and I blab all the time on the telephone, text back and forth all the time."

The last text message from Nikki said, "I love you from M2B - mom to be." At the time, Forrest was four and a half months pregnant.

Bobbi said, "Nikki was very excited she was pregnant. She was a new mommy telling everyone, 'rub my belly."'

Forrest's pregnancy is considered high-risk because she had already had three miscarriages and needed shots twice daily to keep her unborn child. However, when she disappeared on Sept. 25, authorities said she left without her purse, license and medicine.

A few weeks later, someone walking on Eldean Road found a bag with all of Forrest's medicine inside.

Now, nearly two months later, police said they have run out of leads to find the young woman. That is why her Godmother is reaching out.

"Nikki, I just want to hear from you, know you're okay and the baby's okay," said Bobbi Schlater. "I don't know what to do sweetheart. I just want you to come home."

Anyone with information about Nikki Forrest can contact Piqua police at 778-2027.