READ THE TRUMP PLAN: “Opening Up American Again”

The White House on Thursday released an 18 page package of guidelines to help states re-open businesses shuttered by the Coronavirus outbreak, counseling individuals to continue social distancing practices, and urging businesses to ensure a safe working environment for their employees, as the U.S. tries to return to a more normal environment.

While the document acknowledges that each state has a different situation, the recommendations say no state should start easing social distancing if cases are appearing at a faster rate.

While various Governors in both parties have complained about a lack of testing, President Trump's plan puts the onus clearly on the states to set up testing regimes for the Coronavirus.

It also notes addressing senior care facilities, which have become a flashpoint  in recent days in a number of states, with examples of multiple deaths becoming a common theme.

The document also urges states to be ready to clamp down on social activities if the Coronavirus starts to return.

The plan puts forward what the White House calls a "phased approach" for getting back to normal, with the option for states of implementing this on a statewide basis - or even on a county-by-county basis - in order to deal with certain areas which may be suffering from the virus much more than others.

The recommendations for Americans are familiar:  wash your hands, perform good hygiene, and don't go to work or school if you are sick.

The plan makes very clear that businesses must do their part to help insure the health of their employees - with temperature checks, limits on travel, and working conditions which will not pack people together in close quarters.

The recommendations to start for individuals should be very familiar from what many people have been doing for the last month - don't get too close to other people, no big groups, be careful when it comes to those who could be vulnerable to the virus as well.

The recommendations to business follow on those same kind of guidelines to promote safety - and not just return to same old working conditions of the past.

One big question obviously is what should stay closed - and what should open.

The guidelines recommend day care facilities not open immediately.

It says gyms would be okay - but bars would not be.

As for states which have not seen major problems from the Coronavirus, the guidelines are much less strict.

They allow larger gatherings.  Travel is okay to resume.  But there continues to be a warning for people to continue social distancing to stem the spread of the virus.

Businesses are still urged to allow telework where possible, in order to keep people apart, and also not have common areas for employees which could spread the virus.

This stage - likely to apply to a number of states which have not had larger outbreaks - would allow daycare and camps to open, movie theaters, sports venues, bars, and more.

But, those same places would also need to arrange for 'moderate' protocols in terms of social distancing.

The final phase of the Coronavirus plan is a return to normal.

Jamie Dupree, CMG Washington News Bureau

Radio News Director of the Washington Bureau