GOP argues only Trump can keep U.S. economy going

GOP argues only Trump can keep U.S. economy going

Republicans used the second night of their national convention to make the case that a win for Democrats in November would short circuit economic progress under the Trump Administration, as in GOP videos and speeches from auditorium not far from the White House, the message was clear.

"Our economic health is coming back," said White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who predicted 20 percent growth in the second half of 2020 as the economy tries to rebound from the damage inflicted by the Coronavirus.

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"What if Joe Biden wins?" one man asked in a GOP video shown during the second night of the Republican convention week.

“Joe Biden is ready to raise taxes,” said John Peterson, who runs Scheutte Metals in Wausau, Wisconsin, as he joined a chorus of voices in charging that Democrats would raise taxes and snuff out economic growth.

While Republicans say Biden will raise taxes on middle class Americans, the former Vice President has said his tax plans would be aimed at those making more than $400,000 a year.

"This is an administration of action and outcomes," said Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. "They are delivering every day on their promise to Make America Great Again."

"We have one man to thank - President Donald Trump," said Mayor Robert Vlaisavljevich of Eveleth, Minnesota.

"He made good on his promises by cutting our taxes, rolling back senseless regulations," the Democratic mayor said. "The fight is not over."

The praise for President Trump’s economic plans also came from his own children, as his daughter Tiffany Trump appealed to Americans to support him in November.

“Joe Biden would destroy jobs, raise our taxes and throw away the lives of countless unborn children,” said Daniel Cameron, the Kentucky Attorney General.

“We’re coming back very strongly,” President Trump said in a video snippet.