New Dayton social media page highlights local black-owned businesses

Social media helps local black owned businesses

DAYTON — The demand for change does not just focus on policing. It also raises awareness about black-owned businesses.

Now -- a new Dayton social media page has launched with that goal. Business owners told NewsCenter 7′s Ronnell Hunt they are hopeful this will help the black-owned business community.

With the click of a button on your phone – people may now receive updates about black businesses around Miami Valley.

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Local barber, Lamar Lee says he hopes there needs to be more social media awareness about communities of color - often overlooked.

"Sometimes people know your location, sometimes they don't. and Facebook and social media gives us the opportunity to let everybody know where we're at and let everybody know we are open and let everybody know we are here to serve them." said Lee, a barber at Da Coldest Barbershop.

Lee’s business - Da Coldest Barbershop opened up shop on West Third Street three years ago. Like many black owned businesses, he says business could be better with more community support.

"It seems like only we know about each other, especially when we are inside of our own community. So, our businesses would boom and go a lot farther if people out of the community weren't afraid to come patronize."

“I think it is kind of like a natural ignorance. I think a lot of people as times get discouraged and it’s so divided it’s sad,” said Heather Peters, owner of Heatherlina’s Collection.

To help bridge the gap, the "Black Dayton" Facebook page was created two weeks ago.

The page administrator, who wanted to remain anonymous, but gave News Center 7 the following statement:

“At this time, as the creator I’d like to remain in the background. This moment is for all of us. Black Dayton is a platform to highlight the black excellence in our community. We set out to possibly be a directory of sorts but quickly realized it’s bigger than that! We see the negative news coverage daily, of our people in particular, and for someone looking from the outside in, you may be tricked into thinking that’s all Dayton has to offer. You would be absolutely wrong! Dayton has a rich history of black excellence and nothing has changed except for the fact that now it’s bursting out of the seams! We have current millionaires, soon to be millionaires and million-dollar businesses in our community. There’s innovation everywhere you look. I believe our city has “Black Wall Street” potential, all we have to do is unity. And we just want to highlight all of the amazing things, people, and businesses in our community! We understand this is no small feat but we’re in it for the long haul. Please like, follow, and support the movement. Thank you for the overwhelming support thus far. There’s much more to come. And to those of other races that have expressed anger toward our initiative, we are not trying to exclude anyone...just trying to include ourselves!”

Entrepreneurs Marketplace and Shoppe owner Chantae Winston said she feels the Facebook page will be a cornerstone for change in the black community.

“I definitely feel like it could be better, but I have seen an outpour of support as well through everything that’s been going so it has kind of worked in our favor as well- just getting more exposure and support from the community.” said Winston.

The creators of Black Dayton cohosting events to promote racial equality in the near future.