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YMCA wanted to use outdoor pool in winter, so it added a giant bubble dome

Published: Friday, December 29, 2017 @ 5:42 PM

The Liberty Twp. Lakota YMCA in Ohio invested $500,000 in a 25,000 square-foot-dome to make their outdoor pool usable in the winter.
Michael D. Clark / Journal-News
The Liberty Twp. Lakota YMCA in Ohio invested $500,000 in a 25,000 square-foot-dome to make their outdoor pool usable in the winter.(Michael D. Clark / Journal-News)

There is now a tropical paradise available under a giant plastic wrap, and more Ohio YMCA members are wading in to get a break from the brutal cold.

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Butler County’s largest rubberized swimming pool is now bathing swimmers in a 84 degree atmosphere while the thermometer outside struggles to rise into the teens.

The Liberty Twp. Lakota YMCA invested $500,000 in the 25,000 square-foot-dome, which opened in November.

“It’s 13 degrees outside, but 84 in here,” said John Schaller, chief executive officer of the YMCA, as he stood poolside in the outdoor swim area that traditionally was drained for every winter until now. 

It may be the coldest so far this winter outside but inside Liberty Township’s Lakota YMCA giant, new pool dome it’s a balmy 84 degrees. The pressurized, 25,000-square-foot bubble is the largest in Butler County and has now doubled the water capacity offerings of the YMCA for year around fun. (Michael D. Clark / Journal-News)

“The palm trees (rubber facsimiles) are up in the … beach area of the YMCA pool, and you can just see by the happy faces that this is a great retreat for the families in our area for the community to get out of the cold and get into a beautiful setting for indoor water play,” Schaller added over the din of an artificial waterfall and real-life, playful laughter of kids splashing around.

It’s just been a spectacular addition to our Y,” he said.

The 25-meter pool features eight lanes for competitive swimming and a zero-depth beach entry for senior citizens to participate in Silver Sneaker fitness programs. In addition, all of the other pool features, such as the water slide, will be available for year-round use.

Karissa Tejada, mother of three young swimmers, paused between splashes to rave about the new cold-weather option for fun.

“This is awesome. It’s the end of December and 11 degrees outside and we can be in here enjoying the beautiful pool … and the kids are having a good time,” said Tejada.

Schaller explains the dome comes with its own weather monitoring station to assure the pressurized bubble, which holds 1.5 pounds per square inch of air pressure more than the outside atmosphere, remains stable.

When wind speeds increase to a point that they might jostle the dome, the automatic atmosphere control increases air pressure to stabilize the bubble.

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And sensors along the dome’s top also register any buildup of snow or ice and the computerized environmental system will then modulate the internal air pressure slightly up and down to break up and push off any icy crust.

“We’ve had a great response to the indoor dome so far and it’s allowed us to double the amount of water we offer to our members, community and schools (area swim teams),” Schaller said.

“It’s allowed us to offer a variety of more aquatic services to our members and the community.”

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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, gives birth to baby boy

Published: Monday, April 23, 2018 @ 1:16 PM
Updated: Monday, April 23, 2018 @ 1:16 PM

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Gives Birth to Royal Baby

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton, has given birth to a baby boy, Kensington Palace tweeted Monday

Third Child Coming for Prince William, Kate Middleton

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Unfazed while being shot with Taser, unruly passenger forcibly removed from American Airlines flight

Published: Monday, April 23, 2018 @ 1:13 PM

Jacob Garcia. (Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections)
Jacob Garcia. (Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections)

Police used a stun gun and forcibly removed an unruly passenger Sunday who started a fight with a couple aboard a plane at Miami International Airport, police said. 

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Jacob Garcia, 28, touched a female passenger without her permission, screamed and insulted her and her boyfriend before attendants on the American Airlines flight from Miami to Chicago moved him to another seat, according to WPLG

After he was moved to another seat, he began using racial slurs and was asked to leave the plane, according to WPLG. When he refused, the crew started to deplane the entire aircraft. That is when Garcia started a physical altercation with the passenger he was rude to earlier, according to airline officials. 

“What is the reason? Why you are removing from this plane,” Garcia is heard saying in a passenger’s video

“You just assaulted a lady,” a man replies.

When Miami-Dade police officers arrived, Garcia was belligerent with them and was subsequently subdued with a Taser, video shows. The remaining passengers on board can be heard clapping when he was removed. The plane departed about an hour later than scheduled, American Airlines said.

Police said Garcia reached for an officer’s service weapon and kicked out a window of a patrol car when he was taken into custody, according to WPLG.

Garcia was arrested and charged with battery, attempting to deprive an officer of their means of protection, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer and criminal mischief, according to police.

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Family finds their dog poisoned by methamphetamine and cocaine

Published: Monday, April 23, 2018 @ 9:19 AM

Family Finds Their Dog Poisoned By Meth and Cocaine

A Washington family is warning others, after their boxer somehow got poisoned by meth. 

They noticed something was off with their two-year-old pup “Allie” and rushed her to the pet ER Friday

The Veterinary Specialty Center in Lynwood – where they brought Allie - says cases where pets get poisoned by pot or illicit drugs is going up. Now about 25 percent of its cases are from pets eating drugs.

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Saturday morning, Allie was able to come home, but the Bothell family is still trying to figure out where the meth came from and how their dog got ahold of it. 

“She’s a typical boxer. Out of control all the time, happy, a clown,” said Jen O’Brien, her owner. 

Her and her fiancé’s two boxer dogs have access to a fenced-in backyard and the house during the day, but on Friday, they found Allie behaving strangely. 

“She just wasn't right,” O’Brien said. “Neurotic, moving around very weird, wouldn't eat a cookie. Very abnormal for her.” 

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O’Brien showed KIRO7 a video of a very different Allie, tapping her foot, looking confused.

Their vet recommended they take Allie straight to the ER.

A urine analysis showed she tested positive for meth, cocaine, and amphetamines.

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“I was very startled. I’ve never heard of a dog even ingesting that before. It made sense with the symptoms she was showing, but it was pretty scary. Very scary,” O’Brien said.

The Veterinary Specialty Center’s medical director, Karen Kline said over the phone that stimulants cause heart failure in pets, and if Allie didn’t get to the hospital she could have died. 

“They said based on her urine and color, it was a substantial amount,” O’Brien said. 

What has her scared - her dogs didn't leave the house or yard. O’Brien wonders if someone, somehow left or planted the drugs on her property. 

“I think it's very strange,” O’Brien said. “I think it needs to be out there just so people are aware.” 

“I don't want any more dogs hurt. I’m worried about having my own dogs in my own yard and that shouldn’t happen,” she said. 

Kline says she has not heard of any recent cases of people intentionally dosing dogs with drugs, though again - accidental poisonings are on the rise. 

If this case warrants it, O’Brien is offering a $1,000 reward that leads to an arrest. 

O’Brien says she is filing a police report with Bothell Police. 

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Where is Travis Reinking? Search continues for Waffle House shooting suspect

Published: Monday, April 23, 2018 @ 1:25 AM

Waffle House Shooting: Who is Travis Reinking

A massive hunt to capture the man wanted in connection with the shooting deaths of four people at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee, outside Nashville, continues.

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>> Waffle House shooting: 4 dead after nude gunman opens fire in Tennessee; victims identified

Travis Reinking, 29, is now on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's Top 10 Most Wanted List, and law enforcement said he is armed, dangerous and hiding, WHBQ's Greg Coy reports

>> Who is Travis Reinking, the person of interest in the Waffle House shooting?

Police said Reinking returned to his apartment after opening fire at the Waffle House. Reinking, who reportedly was nude at the time of the shooting, put on pants and then ran into the woods, police said.

>> Waffle House 'hero' disarmed shooter, tossed rifle over counter

Neighbor Johnny Green said another neighbor noticed Reinking and called police. 

>> Who is James Shaw Jr., the man who disarmed the Waffle House shooter?

"My mom saw him," Green added. Coy asked, "What did she say about him?" "He just seemed weird," Green replied

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Police said they hope the rain and cooler temperatures will draw Reinking out of hiding. Police said Reinking's options are limited because the crime and social media attention have made him an international fugitive.

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