This grocery store sub named best sandwich in the country

Published: Tuesday, January 02, 2018 @ 10:59 PM


From the $5 footlong to Jimmy John’s Vito, America has a lofty list of sandwich shops that tout the best thing between sliced bread. Despite their claims, a national site has proclaimed that the sub sandwich seventh heaven can be found at the deli of a popular grocery store.

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Even though Florida is renowned for its Cuban sandwich, popular in Tampa and Miami, Thrillist, a culture and entertainment website, recently lauded a sandwich first introduced in Lakeland, Florida.

The best sandwich in America is served up at Publix locations across the country, according to a recent post by Thrillist. The simple sub sandwich during any lunch hour on the East Coast down to the South causes a bit of a pile up in the Publix deli section. The sandwiches are such a hit they’ve garnered a dedicated Facebook page.

“The sandwich is not fancy, but that is precisely the appeal. Instead of being showy, they are always high-quality and reliable,” Thrillist writer Jason Diamond wrote.

According to Thrillist, the story behind how the Pub Sub came to be is quite practical. The grocer’s owners saw the sub as a new way to make money in the 1980s in light of the popularity of Subway and Quiznos. 

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The grinder is offered with Publix’s house deli meat or (for a bit more) you can get cuts from the popular Boar’s Head brand. The bread is baked in-house, and customers often top each one with fresh vegetables−lettuce, tomato, cucumbers and black olives− from the grocer’s produce section. 

Ariello Castillo, a native Floridian and reporter for Major League Soccer, compared the delight of the sub to the overall pleasantry of visiting a Publix supermarket.

"If you're getting a Publix sandwich, it also means you're visiting Publix, which in my humble opinion is one of the best developments of late capitalism," Castillo told Thrillist. "For the most part, everything in a Publix − largely regardless of neighborhood − is shiny, clean, abundant, and well-air-conditioned. It can be both aspirational and soothing." 

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What’s America’s favorite Publix sub? The chicken tender sub, according to Maria Brous, Publix's director of media and community relations.

Heard enough to convince you?

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3.6 magnitude earthquake rattles Detroit and parts of Canada

Published: Thursday, April 19, 2018 @ 10:13 PM

A map of the Detroit area shows where an earthquake struck Thursday night.
U.S. Geological Survey
A map of the Detroit area shows where an earthquake struck Thursday night.(U.S. Geological Survey)

A 3.6 magnitude earthquake rattled Detroit and parts of Canada onThursday evening, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

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The quake struck around 8 p.m., the US.GS reported, and was centered in Amherstburg, Canada, directly across the Detroit River south of the city.

“They happen from time to time, right in that magnitude" in southeast Michigan, David Gurney, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in White Lake, told the Detroit Free Press. "They are rare, but not unheard of."

There were no reports of damage or injuries.

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The earthquake was the strongest tremor to strike the region since 2015, when a 4.2 magnitude quake struck near Kalamazoo.

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Boston, D.C. top contenders for Amazon's second headquarters, report says 

Published: Thursday, April 19, 2018 @ 9:31 PM

It was formerly called Cadabra, Inc. The company has half a million employees. Its revenue exceeds $135 billion. Amazon's current logo depicts a smile that goes from A to Z. Its warehouses have more square footage than 700 Madison Square Gardens.

A new report says Boston is one of the top two finalists for Amazon’s second headquarters.

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Twenty cities have been competing to become the location for the company’s second headquarters, and one study predicts two cities are better suited than the rest – and Boston is one of them.

The new study was conducted by an organization called The Conference Board.

It believes Washington, D.C., and Boston are most likely to beat out the competition.

The company analyzed the 20 cities vying to land HQ2.

The group studied the four job types most common in Amazon’s existing headquarters in Seattle, then looked at “real-time labor demand” and “online job vacancies” in all 20 cities vying for the headquarters.

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It found Boston and Washington, D.C. were most compatible.

Something else that was in the report but needs to be considered – Amazon already likes Boston.

The company is seeking up to 1 million square feet of office space in the Seaport. Amazon could hire up to 4,000 workers for two future offices separate from the second headquarters.

Landing HQ2 could mean 50,000 jobs and a $5 billion investment in the city, but that doesn’t appear to have people in Boston too excited.

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According to a recent poll by Elon University, only 34 percent of Bostonians strongly support the bid for the new headquarters. That’s the lowest among the finalist cities.

Amazon expects to make a decision sometime this year.

An Amazon sign in Seattle outside the company’s grocery store in Seattle.(David Ryder/Getty Images)

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7-year-old cat who walked 12 miles to owners who gave him away finds forever family

Published: Thursday, April 19, 2018 @ 4:10 PM

7-Year-Old Cat Finds Forever Family After Walking 12 Miles To Owners Who Gave Him Away

A 7-year-old cat given away by his family walked 12 miles back home -- only to be given away again. reported that, according to an April 4 Facebook post from the SPCA of Wake County, Toby, a fluffy orange and white cat, was given to another family but found his way back to his home.

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“When he arrived, he was met with heartbreak,” the post said. “The family he thought had loved him took him to a shelter and asked staff to euthanize him. The shelter called us at the SPCA to ask if we could take him in and help him find a new family. Of course we said YES!”

The animal shelter said it took Toby in from a county shelter at the end of February.

Toby was adopted by his new mom, Michele, on Friday the 13, SPCA of Wake County communications manager Tara Lynn said in a blog post.

“It’s funny. He’s very sweet, but he didn’t get along with his (feline) roommate,” Lynn told People Pets. “We thought he’d need to be adopted out as the only cat in a home, but his new family has two other cats and he’s fine with them. He’s just been through a lot and wasn’t settled yet.”

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Lynn told People that she wasn’t sure if Toby, who is FIV-positive, was given up by his family because of his disease, but it didn’t seem to impact interest from potential adopters.

“It’s cool, people were interested in him despite his FIV,” Lynn said.

Toby’s life with his forever family is captured on his own Instagram page, The page has more than 15,000 followers and includes a post supporting the SPCA of Wake County’s annual Dog Walk, which benefits all animals in the shelter.


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Feds: Famous rapper Terrell “Ralo” Davis caught flying into Atlanta with nearly $1M worth of pot

Published: Thursday, April 19, 2018 @ 8:27 PM

Atlanta rpper Ralo was arrested on conspiracy charges after federal authorities say they caught him transporting more than 400 pounds of pot into Atlanta on a private plane.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Atlanta rpper Ralo was arrested on conspiracy charges after federal authorities say they caught him transporting more than 400 pounds of pot into Atlanta on a private plane.(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

An Atlanta rapper was busted flying into Atlanta on a private plane with more than 440 pounds of marijuana valued at $840,000, according to federal investigators.

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Terrell “Ralo” Davis is facing two counts of conspiracy to distribute marijuana, WSB-TV reported.

According to documents obtained by WSB, Davis was arrested at Peachtree DeKalb Airport, just north of the city, on Sunday. Then, on Wednesday, law enforcement swarmed a Southwest Atlanta apartment complex in connection with the investigation.

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An affidavit from an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms alleges Ralo is the leader of a criminal street gang called “Famerica,” and the raid was connected to their investigation into Ralo and the gang.

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