Girl sets up lemonade stand to pay for family’s medical bills

Published: Saturday, June 01, 2019 @ 9:30 PM

File photo. (Photo: Tariq786/Pixabay)
(Photo: Tariq786/Pixabay)
File photo. (Photo: Tariq786/Pixabay)((Photo: Tariq786/Pixabay))

A 10-year-old girl in Minnesota set up a lemonade stand Saturday in an effort to help pay for her family’s medical bills.

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Phoenix Gilmore is trying to help her parents pay for costs related to her infant brother, Zephyr, who has multiple medical issues, the Valley News Live reported

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“Right now, I want to cry because it makes me feel great to know that my daughter would get out of her way to raise money for our sick son and for her sick brother,” her father, Montaque Atchison, told the Valley News Live

The family also set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for the medical bills.