Firefighters use Jaws of Life to rescue rottweiler pup stuck in cinder block

Published: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 @ 10:22 AM

Florida Firefighters Free Puppy from Cinder Block with Jaws of Life

Rather than a cat in a tree, firefighters had to rescue a dog in a cinder block.

Firefighters in Hastings, Florida, responded to a sticky situation when they were called to the rescue of a rottweiler puppy who got her head wedged in a cinder block, The Associated Press reported.

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First, sheriff’s deputies used soap and water to try help her slide out of the square, but that didn’t work. Then, first responders at St. Johns County Fire Rescue had to use life-saving equipment, -- a hydraulic tool called the Jaws of Life, according to the AP.

Firefighters broke the block using the heavy-duty tool often used in car crashes in order to get the dog, named Fifi, out of the concrete block. 

Fifi was no worse for wear after being freed, the AP reported.