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Children's cold syrup recalled

Published: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 @ 7:49 AM
Updated: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 @ 8:13 AM
By: Cox Media Group National Content Desk

In the middle of the cold and flu season, a drug company has issued a recall for its children's cough syrup.

The recall came because of incorrect markings on the dosage cups that were included with children's grape and cherry liquid cough medicine. 

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The Perrigo company said the recall involves the children's guaifenesin grape liquid, 100mg/5 mL and children's guaifenesin DM cherry liquid, 100mg guaifenesin and 5mg dextromethorphan HBr/5mL. 

They were both sold in 4 oz. bottles at stores like CVS, Rite-Aid and Dollar Generals. 

Check the label for the company, date and lot number listed below:

Guaifenesin Grape Liquid, 4oz.  
Label/Expiration Date Lot Number


CVS/08/2017 5MK0340


Guaifenesin DM Cherry Liquid, 4oz.  
Label Lot Number/Expiration Date
Sunmark 5LK0528, 5LK0630/03/2017
Rite-Aid 5LK0528, 5LK0630/ 03/2017
TopCare 5LK0528, 5LK0630, 5LK0779/ 03/2017
Kroger 5LK0528, 5LK0630/ 03/2017
Good Sense 5LK0528/03/2017
Dollar General 5LK0630/ 03/2017
Care One 5LK0630/ 03/2017
CVS 5LK0630/03/2017

To see if your medication is part of the recall, please visit Perrigo's website, by clicking here.