DNC 2016: Our crews battling traffic jams, scorching heat

Sometimes you will do whatever you have to do to get from point A to point B. This is how I'm surviving the heat, the walk --so we can talk on channel 7.

Navigating the area of Philadelphia around the Democratic National Convention site is proving to be a big challenge for our team of reporters and the Ohio delegates.

The trek from the area hotels to the arena requires an Uber or cab ride, according to our crews, and they are proving to be in short supply.

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Our reporter Laura Bischoff described it this way in a tweet this morning!

Carpooling with other journalists is key. Ohio delegates are facing the same challenge getting to and from the arena.

At the end of Day 1 DNC 2016, hundreds of convention goers were stranded for hours because Secret Service was only allowing one car at a time to to exit the Uber lot, according to our team of reporters.

They had to walk more than a mile to find an Uber ride back to their hotel near the Philadelphia airport where the Ohio delegation is also staying.

Take a look at this traffic jam in this tweet from our reporter Jim Otte who was stuck in traffic leaving the Wells Fargo Arena Monday night.

According to his Uber driver, there has not been enough communication between Philadelphia authorities, public transportation and the city to keep traffic flowing smoothly with the influx of crowds. Later today, reporter Jim Otte is going to give you a first hand look at the behind the scenes challenge of navigating in and out of the fenced off, secure area around Wells Fargo arena.

The heat and humidity in Philadelphia is only making matters more challenging.

Philadelphia police protecting convention goers are doing what they can to combat the heat and keep cool.

The Heat Warning issued for the area has expired.

The temperatures remain high, and so does the humidity. The expected high today is 95 degrees in Philadelphia, with humidity currently at 47%.

WATCH WHIO Anchor James Brown’s video to see how he’s battling the blazing sun on his more than one mile walk to the arena.

Reporter Jim Otte says beverages are available around the arena to keep hydrated, but according to his tweet, he’ll have

to dig deep to quench his thirst.