National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center reopens today

WILBERFORCE — The National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center in Wilberforce closed March 14 but is open again today.

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“We are absolutely thrilled to reconnect with the public in person, however we want to make sure everyone is safe,” Assistant Curator Hadley Drodge said. “We have been able to connect with people digitally and offer educational resources digitally, however it’s just not the same as bringing this history to life in person.”

The museum opened in April 1988 and is this year celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Its a permanent home of one of the nation’s largest collections of Afro-American materials, with over 9,000 artifacts and artwork, 350 manuscript collections and thousands of photographs.

African Americans Fighting for a Double Victory is a long-term exhibit at the museum and tells the story of African Americans fighting racism at home and fascism abroad during World War II.

What’s in your attic? - Selections from our Permanent Collection offers a closer look at history, art and pop culture items. Eight sections of African American material and culture are featured, including dolls, toys and sports.

NAAMCC currently has two pieces of art on exhibit in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.

“We’re really excited to see everyone again, familiar faces and new faces,” Drodge said.