Man arrested after police find large amounts of suspected drugs in Springboro, Dayton homes

Dayton police found large amounts of drugs and made arrests after serving search warrants in Dayton and Springboro Monday.

News Center 7′s Mike Campbell has been tracking this large and ongoing drug investigation.

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A home in Springboro was searched by police on Monday. Neighbors told News Center 7 that police detained the woman who was there and used a bullhorn to demand anyone else inside to come out.

Neighbors said that the house changed hands last year and it did not appear that anyone ever fully moved in.

Officers indicated that they only found small amounts of suspected drugs in the Springboro home.

The search warrant carried out at that Springboro house was the second one served Monday.

Police surrounded a home on Reddner Avenue where officers seized over 70 pounds of suspected drugs.

Dayton Police refused News Center 7′s request for an interview, saying only that, “These are ongoing investigations and we can not comment on them at this time”.

Police reports showed that as a result of the search warrants, Aaron K. Turner was arrested.

Turner, 40, is being held in the Montgomery County Jail on suspicion of a half dozen guns and drugs charges, with the most serious being trafficking in drugs.

A check of records in Warren and Montgomery counties indicated that Turner owned both homes in Springboro and Dayton.

The woman detained at the Springboro house was released and does not face any charges.