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Yellow Springs advises residents brown water is safe to drink

Published: Tuesday, August 15, 2017 @ 12:23 PM
By: Richard Wilson

Testing a new water pump in the village of Yellow Springs has led to brown water coming out of faucets, but despite appearances, it’s OK to drink, according to Village Manager Patti Bates.

The tainted water will clear if residents turn their faucets on and let the water flow, Bates said.

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According to the news release from the village manager’s office, the new pump and hydrants were tested along Dayton-Yellow Springs Road and East Enon Road.

“We apologize for this and ask for patience, as this may happen periodically as we move forward with the construction of the new plant,” the village news release states. “The water is safe for consumption and we will try to let you know, in advance, when the next tests are scheduled.”

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Whether anyone is willing to drink the brown water is another matter.

In a discussion about the issue on the Yellow Springs Open Discussion Facebook page, several people commented that the water looked more like a dark beer. Others challenged village officials to be the first to try it. 

Village officials are working with the Ohio Rural Water Association to come up with a new method of hydrant flushing that will lead to better water quality, according to the village manager’s office.

Residents with questions or concerns should call the village manager’s office at (937) 767-1279.