Woman forced out of condemned Fairborn apartment due to it being ‘unfit for habitation’

FAIRBORN — A woman is now looking for a new place to live after her Fairborn apartment was condemned.

News Center 7′s Mike Campbell fires reported the numerous issues that residents and the City of Fairborn have with the Fairborn Apartments.

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Fairborn Code Enforcement Inspectors put a notice on Michaela Carpenter’s window ordering everyone to vacate the apartment due to it not being fit for human habitation.

“It just looked like it was completely water-damaged and they painted over it and it just bubbled,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter showed News Center 7 last week the apartment she moved into was never right from the start. She reached out to the complex for help but claimed she didn’t get any.

“I tried the emergency maintenance line, they never called me back, until, The city had to get involved, they wouldn’t reach out,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter showed News Center 7 holes in her kitchen ceiling from unfinished repair work and allowed her basement where she believed mold was growing.

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The city could not confirm that, but inspectors did condemn the apartment 24 hours later.

Carpenter confirmed that she is now homeless, claiming property managers would not place her in another unit.

News Center 7 reached out to the management team, who confirmed there was not another unit immediately available at Fairborn Apartments. Carpenter was offered alternative accommodations.

Teresa Tomlin was Michaela Carpenter’s neighbor, living right next door.

Tomlin told News Center 7 she has no heat in her apartment, plus a basement drain that backs up and a toilet that won’t flush on its own.

She believes management should be helping Carpenter, not pushing her out.

“Which is sad, they shouldn’t have done that, they keep telling her they were going to move her,” Tomlin said.

The first resident is being evicted because city inspectors found her apartment not to be healthy.

Other residents say they are fighting eviction notices, many of them feel like they are being targeted because they spoke out about the issues they believe are present here.

News Center 7 will continue updating this story as new details become available.