Whaley focuses on Dayton’s pandemic recovery, announcement about future on horizon

DAYTON — While people across the state are focusing on Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley’s next political move, she is focusing on putting the city on solid recovery ground after the global pandemic.

After serving two terms as Dayton’s Mayor, Whaley announced early this year that she would not seek re-election. The announcement sparked speculation about what she would do next. Many guessing she may run for U.S. Senate, Ohio Governor or another elected office.

Whaley told News Center 7′s Mike Campbell that she is close to finalizing her plans.

“We’ll make an announcement in the coming month,” Whaley said.

Today, Whaley said she’s focused on the present and her job as mayor. She is focused on getting the city back on solid financial ground after many jobs and businesses were lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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With the passing of the American Rescue Plan, Whaley said she believed about $147 million would be coming to Dayton. The first of two installments will not be distributed until mid-May, but plans are being made so the money is spent to help the maximum amount of people recover from social upheaval.

“We want to make sure we use this money in a way to help people fully recover,” Whaley said.

Additionally, Whaley said she has been concentrating on implementing police reform efforts in Dayton.

Working groups recently delivered 142 suggested changes including: changing how officers police, alternative response models, changing how officers and civilians interact, body cameras and changing recruitment.