Valley Street construction ends after 15-month rebuild

Dayton engineers have announced that the road construction on Valley Street from Rita Street to Stanley Avenue has finally come to an end.

>>Construction on Washington Street to last through 2019

Engineers said that the 15-month project to rebuild the portion of Valley Street near Dayton Children’s Hospital was completed early and under its estimated budget.

The pavement was too old to be fixed, and  the whole project cost about $2 million.

In addition to road construction, the project added new sidewalks, curb and storm catch basins, as well as improved lighting.

>>Interactive map: Road construction in the Miami Valley

Dayton resident Tim Lewis, who lives near the construction, said that the road had been under construction for so long, he didn’t realize that it had reopened.

“I’ve lived here since November,” he said, “it’s been shut down before that.”