Trotwood seeing ‘drastic increase’ in thefts from cars

TROTWOOD — Trotwood police are seeing “a drastic increase” in thefts from cars in the Sycamore Woods neighborhood.

There have been nine thefts from motor vehicles in the neighborhood in December, according to police.

“This is a drastic increase compared to previous months and years,” Sgt. Kim Delong said. “The primary method of entry has been through unlocked car doors.”

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Delong said its not possible to deter these crimes entirely, but said there are steps people should take to make their vehicles less appealing to thieves.

Valuables such as laptops, phones, purses and shopping bags should be removed from vehicles, the sergeant said.

“Property crimes such as this are generally crimes of opportunity,” Delong said.

It’s also recommended that people park their cars in well-lit areas and keep their car doors locked.

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Delong said you should not keep spare keys in or around your vehicle, citing that 72 percent of stolen cars are taken by thieves who got access to keys.

Officers have increased their enforcement and visibility efforts around the area because of the major increase in car thefts compared to previous years and months.