Trotwood HOA responds to liens, worn facilities

The response by a Trotwood homeowners association following a media report last week has residents of the Westbrooke Village even more upset.

Last week, residents of the Westbrooke Village neighborhood said they were tired of paying a $200 fee for amenities that are aging and in need of repair. Failure to pay has resulted in many homeowners having a lien placed on their home.

“I didn’t live here, it’s not right to penalize me for someone you couldn’t find,” said Norman Scearce, who bought a home less than a year ago and found out a lean of $3,400 was placed on his home from a previous owner’s nonpayment. “I just wanted to know is there anything they could do. And absolutely not, they refused.”

Not long after last week’s report, the HOA sent out an email in response. “The recent WHIO-TV broadcast orchestrated by a delinquent homeowner…will fail in its attempt to stop the collection of delinquent assessments. If you thought you could move here and change our neighborhood to be like the ghetto you came from…think again.”

Over 50 other homes are also dealing with liens, with one totally nearly $7,000.

The HOA’s treasurer claimed they had over $68,000 in the bank, but that still leaves residents questioning what that money is going towards.

NewsCenter 7’s Natalie Jovonovich investigates and has more.

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