UPDATE: Power restored after large DP&L outage Wednesday

Aerial footage of power outage at Miami County substation

Power has been restored to parts of southern Miami County several hours after a large power outage initially knocked out electric service to thousands of Dayton Power and Light Customers.

The outage was blamed on downed wires in the area of state Route 48 and Frederick Garland Road, a DP&L spokesperson told News Center 7. Our photographers observed numerous crews making repairs at a power facility near that intersection throughout the day.

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The outage took its toll on businesses and homeowners in parts of southern Miami County. News Center 7 spoke with two business owners who were forced to close today after the outage. Lori Study, owner of The Salon on Main said when the power comes back on, she’ll be calling clients.

“The salon’s cold right now. Everything’s cold,” Study told News Center 7′s John Bedell. “As of right now, I’m on hold. Whenever it turns on, I’ll call people,” she said.

Sarah Copp, owner of Revive at Home Décor and Restoration in West Milton said while the power was out she was forced to close, but was going to make the best of the day to spend time with her kids.

“I actually have closed a couple of times throughout the year for snow purposes. So it’s kind of a bummer for business and the kids are out of school today and kind of enjoying the snow and we’ll just go with the flow,” Copp said.

Like Study, Copp said when power is restored to her business, they will reopen for whatever time they can, even though the home décor and furniture revival business normally closes at 4 p.m.

“If it opens back up we’ll probably open our sign up and we’ll help customers. But for now, we’re just going to enjoy the snow,” Copp said.

For others, the outage was a rough way to wake up and start the day.

“Well I got a fish tank in my house. I heard the fish tank kick off. We didn’t have no lights on. It was early, everybody was still asleep so I heard the fish tank filer turn off and was like ‘oh, it’s gotta be the power,’” Ross Loudermilk of West Milton said.

“It’s starting to get a little cool in the house. But we’re just out here sledding making the most of it right now,” he said.