Traffic stop leads Beavercreek police to drop ‘Signal 99’ for help

Beavercreek police issued a “Signal 99” for assistance in arresting two men during a traffic stop.

All available units were called to help Beavercreek police around 3 a.m. today on Colonel Glenn Highway just east of Center Park Boulevard.

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The driver and passenger of the vehicle both resisted arrest which led to the “Signal 99” to area units.

The driver of the vehicle had a suspended license, according to Sgt. Nick Amato of Beavercreek Police Department.

A handgun and an open container of alcohol was confiscated at the scene after the arrests were made, Amato said.

The struggle ended and the “Signal 99” was canceled as several units arrived quickly, Amato said.

No one was hurt and Amato said the incident ended quickly.

The investigation is still pending.

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