Tired truckers monitored by government

Published: Monday, November 18, 2013 @ 5:45 PM
Updated: Monday, November 18, 2013 @ 5:45 PM

Thousands of trucks drive through the Miami Valley day and night and some may be falling asleep behind the wheel.

Truck drivers are at a higher risk of falling asleep for a number of reasons, but one local driver says federal regulations are now going too far.

Wayne Foutz of Dayton told us that he is a model driver and has never been involved in an accident in his 14 years as a commercial truck driver.

During a recent physical, Foutz was told that because of his size, he might be putting others at risk on the road. He was sent to a clinic where he said he was diagnosed with sleep apnea without ever seeing a doctor. A clinic employee handed him a machine.

"She came out with this thing under her arm and said the doctor sent an email and you have sleep apnea," he said.

Foutz is part of a growing statistic according to one study, that says nearly 30 percent of truckers have sleep apnea.

"They can become very, very sleepy, sleep much longer than they normally would, and sometimes be completely unaware of what is going on," said Dr. Mike Bonnet of
Kettering Sycamore Hospital. "It kind of becomes the perfect storm for people who are going to have alertness problems."

However, Wayne Foutz believes the government is going too far by making him buy a $1500 CPAP machine that monitors his usage.

All this for someone who says he does not have sleep apnea.

Congressman Larry Buchshon of Indiana is trying to put a stop to this.

"It's an issue...the government telling someone that they have to do something like wear a CPAP machine," said Buchshon.

Corey Flenorl is an over-the-road trucker and said he has seen his fair share of accidents. He supports the government screening truckers for sleep apnea.

"It's a much needed test, very much needed," Flenorl said.

Wayne Foutz says being monitored is invasive.

"If you're prescribed a medication, they don't send goons to make sure you take them," Foutz said. "I've got a wall full of awards that they've given me and
apparently, I've earned them in my sleep."

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The discovery of a body in a residence in the 800 block of Edgewick Road in Bethel Twp., Clark County, has prompted a death investigation by the sheriff's office.

Sheriff's detectives were at the residence at midnight, awaiting the arrival of a county coroner's investigator. Crime scene tape has been installed around the home and the property as part of the investigation. 

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No other details were available. We'll keep working to bring you more details about this investigation. Stay with whio.com for breaking news. 

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Updated: Thursday, July 19, 2018 @ 2:30 PM

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UPDATE @ 2:02 p.m.:

A 74-year-old missing Springfield man who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease has been found alive and is being provided medical attention after being found in a wooded area where police have been searching for him since this morning.

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UPDATE @ 9:19 a.m.

A black Chevrolet Cruze owned by Jack W. Dietsch, a missing 74-year-old man from Springfield, was found Thursday morning in Springfield Twp.

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We’re working to learn more and have a crew on the way to the scene.

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This building at 525 Riley Blvd. in Franklin is being scheduled for demolition by Warren County. ED RICHTER/STAFF

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Gravesite for ‘Buckskin girl’ to get new headstone with her name

Published: Thursday, July 19, 2018 @ 5:46 PM

Miami County sheriff identifies cold case victim 37 years later

A young woman found dead in a Miami County ditch known as the “buckskin girl” will finally have a headstone bearing her name.

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New genetic genealogy tools through the nonprofit DNA Doe Project led to the discovery of the woman’s identity: 21-year-old Marcia L. King of Little Rock, Arkansas, the Miami County sheriff announced in April.

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King was found in April 1981 in a ditch along Greenlee Road west of Troy. She was dubbed “buckskin girl” for the jacket she was wearing. Her homicide remains unsolved.

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Now that King’s body has finally been identified, her burial site at Riverside Cemetery in Troy will now reflect that.

Her family is expected to travel to Miami County for a brief memorial on Friday when a new headstone with her name will be placed on her grave.

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