Thief Caught On Camera Stealing From Park Concession Stand

JAMESTOWN — Surveillance cameras captured a photo of the thief Monday at 11:40am inside the concession stand at Frank Seamen Park in Jamestown.

Chief Brady Smith of Greene County Parks and Trails told News Center 7 there have been at least ten incidents at the park the past year, including vandalism on the parks grounds, but Monday’s incident is the first time surveillance cameras have captured an image of a suspect.

“They basically open the door of the concession stand with a pry bar and broke in. It’s a garage style door and they entered here,” said Chief Smith.

Chief Smith said he’s still waiting to find out what was stolen money but in the past food and drink items were taken from the concession stand. He called the thefts frustrating and a big financial setback for the sports organizations that practice and play at the field.

“They rely on the players and their parents. The league fees. It’s coming out of their pockets. It’s taking away from their pleasure. Basically they’re stealing from the kids” said Chief Smith.

If you recognize the person in the photo call Greene County Parks and Trails: 937-562-6440.