Therapist: ‘Anxiety can come from fear;’ kids brace for back to school

DAYTON — Every child feels differently about going back to school. Some may be excited, while others might get nervous or anxious.

A therapist said anxiety can look different in every child. But there are some common things to look for such as trouble concentrating and changes in mood and clinginess.

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Jody Baumstein, Licensed Therapist at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life said, “Anxiety can come from fear of the unknown, so for kids what’s going to be most helpful is just really familiarizing them with certain things related to going to school.”

She went on to say that parents can help by going to “meet the teacher night” or visit the school before the first day.

Baumstein added that parents can also drive the bus route with their children and meet other kids who to the school.