15 teens, 2 adults face charges in Beavercreek underage party

15 teens and 2 adults face charges for underage party

BEAVERCREEK — Teenagers, several now charged, scattered from a home earlier this month after police received a complaint of an underage party, according to police records.

Officers responded around 10 p.m. Jan. 4 to the house a in the 400 block of Redwood Boulevard. As officers “approached the rear of the home, (police) observed a very large amount of juveniles fleeing from the residence in all directions,” a police report read.

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Fifteen teens ranging in age from 15 to 17 have been charged in connection to the party, court records read. Two adults, Kevin Urbaniak, 18, and Jacob Wiley-Brewster, 18, were charged with offenses involving underage persons and both have entered not guilty pleas.

As police arrived at the house several teens were ordered to the ground or risk being Tased, body camera footage showed.

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Officers interviewing teens at the scene were told some of the party-goers were invited by some friends through Snapchat.

The juvenile who lived at the house told police “she had invited a few friends over for a party while her parents were out of town in Bowling Green.”  The teen went on to tell police that one of her friends asked to invite a few more friends and that led to the scene at the party, police records show.

Police noted that while responding they also observed three different groups of approximately 20-30 people fleeing the house.

Investigators located a book bag in the basement during a search of the house that contained a small bundle of marijuana and a pipe.

Most of the teens charged were released to their parents or another guardian, records showed.