Students breakout windows amid active shooter at West Liberty

Student describes evacuation

A West Liberty High School student said students and staff were notified over the loudspeaker of an active shooter and to take cover.

Freshman Lilly Keller, 14, said students eventually broke out windows and ran across fields and to U.S. 68 where they ran to the closest house.

She shot cell phone video of several students running from the school.

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Keller said she has not heard who the victim or suspect is.

Students at West Liberty-Salem High School said they heard a pop and found out there had been a shooting at their school.

"The bell had just rung, we were sitting class," senior Ashley Rabenstein said. "We heard a loud noise go off."

Rabenstein said at first she thought it was more noise from the construction crew who are currently in the process of finishing the construction of a new high school, but quickly learned it was more severe.

"My teacher went out in the hallway to see what was going on and he ran back inside, slammed the door shut and he said 'I think there's a shooter,'" Rabenstein said.

Freshman Barik Ray said his class learned of the shooting when a student ran inside his classroom and told others of the danger.

"We all went in a corner and hunkered down," he said. "We realized that we needed to get out because (the shooter) was pretty close. We went over to the windows, opened and busted out the screens and we all just took off as far as we could go really."

Law enforcement officials are scheduled to hold a second press conference on the shooting within the hour.