Springfield community partners to provide meals, sports to students for Spring Break

SPRINGFIELD — The Springfield City School District teamed up with two non-profit organizations to make sure that during spring break, students at Lincoln Elementary School and Hayward Middle School will have plenty of food and activities.

School employees and city leaders worked with the “Children Hunger Alliance” and “The Lindy Infante Foundation” Friday afternoon to hand out a total of 550 meal bags and 550 sport bags to students.

Springfield city leaders say partnerships with organizations like these help bridge the gap for children who lack resources.

“These kids need to get a taste of hope, and I think programs like this are things that inject hope into kids,” said Rob Rue, Springfield City Commissioner.

According to the Children’s Hunger Alliance, one out of five kids across the state of Ohio have experienced food insecurity.

“Because of the effects that the Coronavirus has had on communities across the state of Ohio, we know now that that number looks more like 1 and 4,” said Jared Buerger with the Children’s Hunger Alliance.

The Children’s Hunger Alliance provided students with three dinners and two breakfasts.

“A meat or meal alternative, grains, fruit, vegetable and those breakfast meals contain a grain and a fruit or vegetable. So really a good nutritious meal that’s well balanced,” said Buerger.

The Lindy Infante Foundation packed bags with sports equipment as well as ideas for physical activities in hopes to keep kids moving during Spring Break.

Rue said he hopes the gifts are not only physically received, but also felt.

“As they experience the compassion of the teachers behind these walls, they need to know that that compassion extends beyond the wall and into their home,” said Rue.