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Attorney: Allegations against ex-Springboro PE teacher are of ‘sexual misconduct’

Published: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 @ 4:17 PM

Springboro PE teacher resigns amid misconduct allegations

The lawyer who says she’s representing the family of one of the alleged victims tied to an investigation of a now-former Springboro gym teacher says the allegations against Austin Hopkins are of sexual misconduct with students.

Hopkins resigned Tuesday.

News Center 7’s John Bedell has been pressing the school district and Springboro police for answers for the last two days.

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>> Springboro PE teacher resigns from 2nd position amid misconduct investigation

News Center 7 had multiple Springboro parents say they’re concerned about what’s been going on and want more information.

“This is all so new to all of us.  We’ve been living with this for not even two full days,”  said Angela Wallace, an attorney representing one of the families tied to the Springboro police investigation of Austin Hopkins.

Wallace is a Cincinnati-based attorney with The Blessing Law Firm.

The district said a parent came to them Friday with allegations of inappropriate conduct involving students.

Wallace told News Center 7 those allegations are of sexual misconduct.

“That is specific as I’m able to be at this point, I don’t know the breadth or variety of the allegations,” Wallace said.  “All I know at this point is the allegations are of sexual misconduct.”

Hopkins was put on leave as the school started it’s investigation.

Hopkins has not been charged, but he is the focus of a Springboro Police investigation.

He resigned Tuesday.

Hopkins was hired in July to teach first and sixth grade gym at Clearcreek Elementary and Springboro Intermediate.

“I represent a victim of the situation at Clearcreek Elementary,” Wallace said.  “My client at no point have ever independently made accusations.  They were contacted by the police.”

News Center 7 reached out to Springboro Police, who have declined an interview, but did issue a statement Tuesday.

“Detectives are working closely with the Springboro School District as they investigate this situation,” a statement read.  “Due to this being an ongoing investigation, there is no other information that can be released at this time.”

The district said families directly involved in the allegations have been contacted by officers.

At the same time, the district is telling families who think their child may be involved in the allegations to contact school leaders and police.

Springboro schools parents have told News Center 7 they just want answers.

"I think it's natural to wonder what was going on. Especially when you have children in the school district,” said Lynn York, a Springboro Intermediate parent.

News Center 7 pressed the district for more specific answers today, including what is the exact kind of misconduct alleged, whether this happened on school grounds and how many potential victims there are.

The district said they’ll have more information after a 5:45 p.m. meeting finalizing Hopkins’ resignation.