Special football helmets for player safety used by local high school

CENTERVILLE — The helmets being used at Centerville High School are getting national attention.

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The helmets have sensors that track contact data which helps researchers figure out ways to keep players safe.

Touchdown 7 host Austin Chaney showed us how these helmets work and why they are important from Centerville High School, the site of Touchdown 7′s Week 5 Game of the Week against Northmont High School.

Chaney says player safety is always top of mind at any level of football whether it’s the NFL, college or right here in Ohio at the high school level.

Helmets are a key part of that player safety.

At Centerville High School, they are using technology in their helmets to take that safety one step further.

The school is using sensors to learn more about the type of hits and number of hits their players are taking while on the field, according to Centerville High School Athletic Director Rob Dement.

“It’s real time,” he told Chaney. “I mean I’m able to see it, go up to my trainer at the end of the quarter and say, ‘Hey, Rob, took a pretty big hit,’ and no one may have seen it. And it allows our trainer to go up and say, ‘Rob, how you feeling? You okay? We know you took a pretty big hit.’”

These helmets will be put to good use not just Friday night against Northmont but the rest of the season.