Southern Ohio high school student stabbed in cafeteria; Classmate arrested

A 16-year-old girl remained in custody on a charge of delinquency by reason of attempted murder after she was acccused of stabbing another girl at Waverly High School.

The suspect, also accused of delinquency by reason of felonious assault, shoved a knife into the center of a classmate's back in the cafeteria about 8 a.m. Friday, investigators said. The incident caused a panic at the school in Pike County, according to reports from our news partner WBNS ( and other media outlets in southern Ohio.

Tonight, the victim was reported to be in stable condition at a Columbus hospital.

Officials with Waverly City Schools said two school resource officers were on campus, and one of them was at the victim's side within seconds.

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A lockdown was ordered immediately. Students were sent home for the day once the threat was deemed to have been stopped.

"All of the sudden we heard this girl scream, 'Oh my God, please stop please.' I was like, what's wrong, and I turned around and (the suspect) was walking away from (the victim). She just had this hateful, like 'I want to hurt everyone in this room' face," one student told

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Another student said, "There was a lot of people running, kind of panicking. Maybe trying to get to safety?"

School Superintendent Edward Dickens told the Pike County News Watchman a teacher -- one of two cafeteria monitors -- apprehended the student. Waverly police then took her into custody. The other monitor, a nurse, tended to the victim.

"I don't know what precipitated that girl to do that today," Dickens said. He said he believes the girl brought the knife from home.

County Prosecutor Rob Junk told the News Watchman that Waverly police are handling the investigation.

The accused is to be in Pike County Juvenile Court on Monday morning.