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Son of one of the Miami Twp. double stabbing victims speaks out

Published: Saturday, January 05, 2019 @ 11:29 PM

Duane E. Taylor Jr., 30
Duane E. Taylor Jr., 30

The son of one of the victims in the double stabbing that happened in Miami Twp. last weekend spoke out Saturday.

Police say 30-year-old Duane Edward Taylor Jr. attacked two women at the Barclay Square Condominiums.

News Center 7’s James Buechele talked with the son about how his mother’s doing and what he thinks of the charges against the suspect.

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Tommy Neal said his mother suffered, at the time, life-threatening injuries, but is now in stable condition.

“It wasn’t a pretty sight when it first happened. She was literally fighting for her life,” he said. “She fought for four days for her life to get to where she is.” 

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Neal said Taylor is his youngest sister’s boyfriend and that he threatened his family the night before. The two victims were getting inside a van when Taylor attacked.

“As soon as my mom got in the van, she didn’t have a chance to shut her door or buckle her seat belt, he started stabbing her in her neck,” he said. “He was hiding in the back of her van like a coward to prey on women. That right there, if that’s not predetermined, I don’t know what is.”

As his mother continues to recover, Neal’s hoping charges will be added.

“I hope they hit him with everything they can,” he said.

Bond for Taylor was set at $250,000. 

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