Severe weather season: Here’s why now is the best time to trim your trees

As we head into severe weather season, experts say to avoid trees falling during a spring storm, now is the best time to trim trees back.

Most trees can withstand strong winds and severe weather as long as they are properly maintained, arborists say.

Maintenance includes cutting dead limbs and ensuring the tree isn’t molding.

Arborist Guy Fortner, a Bartlett Tree Expert, says that spots along the trunk of the tree where mushrooms grow can be a sign of decay.

“On a healthy tree, what you want to see is root flare where the root turns and goes into the soil”, said Fortner.

Other signs of decay include dirt and debris piling up at the bottom of the tree.

Spring coincides with the increased risk for severe weather and that means it’s time to plan how to keep your family, and yourself safe.

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