Rural school teachers line up to receive COVID-19 vaccinations

Rural school teachers line up to receive COVID-19 vaccinations

MONTGOMERY COUNTY — Teachers from rural school districts in Montgomery County line up for their chance to receive COVID-19 vaccinations.

Teachers from three different districts came into the Dixie High School gymnasium for their shots Thursday.

“I’ll definitely be a lot more at ease, have that peace of mind, knowing I’m more protected in the classroom with my kiddos,” said Kelli Wanamaker a fourth-grade Elementary Teacher with Dixie schools.

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She and other teachers told us they educated themselves about the vaccine.

Ronda Nesbit, a Fifth Grade Teacher at Dixie said, “You have to weigh those, the risk of doing it versus the risk of not doing it.”

Both teachers told us the process involved in the clinic was well organized, the same thing 1700 hundred school employees from Centerville and Oakwood told us about a clinic for those employees held Wednesday.

“That’s ultimately what we want, we need the kids here every day, we’ve done the models, on-line, hybrid But having them here physically, we can see them, interact with them, that’s what we need,” said Dixie High School Principal, Brad Wolgast.

Each of the 600 school employees from the three districts that have received a shot Thursday will need to return in three weeks for a second dose.

They should have full protection about 10 days after that.