Richmond family cleaning up, in shock after tornado touched down

Richmond cleans up after tornado

The National Weather Service has now confirmed three tornadoes hit in Wayne, Union, and Fayette counties.

One family in Richmond is trying to clean up after the storm, which includes damage to their garage and car.

“We’re all safe. All the material things can be replaced. It just kind of put things into perspective how fast things like that can be taken from you,” said Lindi Fischer.

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Lindi’s husband and daughter were home last night when the tornado left damage in their neighborhood. She said she feels lucky that it’s not worse after seeing the damage left in Dayton a few weeks ago.

“I can’t imagine. I think they’re saying this possibly is a EF-0 which they consider a weak tornado. I can’t imagine anything stronger because the devastation.”

Fischer says she’s lived in Richmond for 21 years and is still in shock that a tornado touched down.

“My friend’s mom who was here earlier is 79-years-old, she said she can’t ever remember there being a tornado here in Richmond, Indiana.”

Lindi feels overwhelmed by the amount of support and help she said she’s received from friends and strangers.

“I haven’t answered everybody because it’s been overwhelming. The amount of people that came, brought their chainsaws. I stand back and it almost makes you want to cry. You realize people are there for you when you need them.”