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Animal complaint reveals multiple deceased, malnourished dogs at Dayton home

Published: Sunday, September 02, 2018 @ 7:56 AM

Dead dogs reported inside area home, police say

Multiple dead and malnourished dogs were found inside a Dayton home Saturday afternoon, according to a police report. 

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Dayton police and Officers from the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center responded to the 2200 block of King Avenue after a caller told dispatchers that four deceased dogs and two living, malnourished dogs were in the basement of the home.

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There were reportedly eight dogs in total at the home, but the report said the caller had not seen them, as they were kept in the basement. 

The report stated that officials smelled a strong odor of decay as soon as they entered the home, which became more powerful once they reached the basement. 

While in the basement, authorities found multiple dog cages with both living and deceased dogs inside. There were also visible dog bones and flesh that had liquefied, per the report.

Though the report says officials are unsure how many animals were dead in the home, Animal Resource Officers collected the bodies of two large dogs and found two deceased puppy skulls.

In addition to the two malnourished dogs in the basement, two more living dogs were upstairs in the residence, all of whom were removed from the home. 

Animal Resource Officers photographed the scene and advised they would be doing an investigation and presenting charges, according to the police report.