Do you think Ohio should put air conditioners in schools? One local lawmaker thinks so

Senator Sherrod Brown told News Center 7's Washington Bureau Wednesday that he believes that Congress has failed in making sure that all schools in Ohio and around the country are modernized enough to be equipped with air-conditioning.

State Rep. Niraj Antani, R-Miamisburg, has requested an estimate to install air conditioners into every Ohio school, according to a release.

In reaction to Tuesday’s early dismissals across the Miami Valley due to extreme heat, Antani sent a letter to State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria expressing his concern for the lack of air conditioning in schools.

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“Today, a number of school districts in the Miami Valley announced early dismissals due to extreme heat. In the 21st Century, it is unacceptable for our school buildings to not be air conditioned. This is disrupting our students’ learning. As well, even on hot days that do not cause a school closure, the heat is creating a hostile environment to teaching and learning. Every school in Ohio should be air conditioned,” Antani said in his letter.

“I am requesting you and the Ohio Department of Education to report to my office a cost estimate to air condition every school building in Ohio that does not already have air conditioning,” he continued.

Democrat Zach Dickerson, Antani’s opponent, tweeted News Center 7 saying, “It’s disappointing and shocking that he’s been in office for four years while this has been a problem. But now that it’s time for his re-election, he decides to do something about it. If I represented this district I would’ve done something about it a long time ago.”

DeMaria, state superintendent of the Department of Education, has yet to comment.

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